Hu Lei ass was severely kicked this time just woke up and turned to see Xu Huaijin patting his face and said, "Is that right? Old fox? I am such a virtue in your chief? "
Hu Leiteng jumped out of the room and shouted, "Don’t blame me for what I said when I heard the old bus commander chatting with the tiger commander!"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "The old fox rubbed their hearts with this virtue … Well, Hu Lei marched to Seoul for the old commander to rest during the day and go straight to Seoul at night. Now Wu Shijian cavalry should have begun to advance towards Lingxiu Mountain, and it won’t be long before we can get there. Let’s eat pork ribs in front of him and launch a siege against Seoul early in the morning to take Seoul at one stroke!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-seven Six gods
Even when Xu Huaijin planned to attack, the news of Busan’s fall reached Kodama Gentaro’s ears. Now Kodama Gentaro regrets beating his head!
Ga! Ga! I’m a pig. How come this Xu Huaijin left by the nose? Now Seoul is in a precarious state, and Busan has also fallen. Two of the three largest cities in North Korea have been lost in an instant, and the whole of central Korea has been controlled by the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Now there is another infantry division. This strength is too strong. Even if it is near Seoul, it will definitely lead to no good results!
Kodama Gentaro roared, "Command the 10th Division to March across Kaesong towards the northwest of Seoul! Ordered the 17th Division and the 10th Division to March toward the south and March toward the northeast of Seoul, demanding that Xu Huaijin fight a decisive battle! "
Kodama Gentaro made almost all the Japanese military departments in North Korea act.
Watanabe, the chief of staff of the Japanese army, felt something wrong and quickly urged, "Commander Pavilion, we can’t go back to the army in such a hurry. Now the enemy situation is not right. We should be stable. Our army is still slightly superior. We still have a good chance to win again and recapture Seoul and Busan. But it is very dangerous to act rashly. Don’t forget that there are two divisions of the Chinese Revolutionary Army on the other side. Once we command the army, how can we deal with the Chinese Revolutionary Army on the other side?"
Kodama Gentaro shouted, "Watanabe, it’s not time for us to be steady! The whole central Korea has been tribally controlled by the Chinese Revolutionary Army, and the southern Korea will be isolated and aided. If we don’t take further action, the whole southern Korea will fall into their hands. How dare we command a hundred thousand imperial troops then? "
Watanabe a acerbity way "but commander pavilion let’s just play in the past? Even our three divisions are sure to win in front of their two divisions. You want to go to Busan. I heard that Xu Huaijin personally sat in a few years ago. Even if he saw Shangwenge, his hands were defeated. What’s worse? "
Kodama Gentaro’s heart was shocked. Yes, three divisions have a firm advantage over others’ two divisions, but people have that Xu Huaijin, bring up the rear, and the teacher is terrified of him. Can these three divisions in front of him be able to stop Xu Huaijin’s conspiracy calculation?
Kodama Gentaro hesitated, fidgety and waved his hand and said, "Well, Mr. Watanabe, let me be quiet and think about it first, and see what I should do next. If I can’t deal with you, I will personally command these three divisions!"
Watanabe hesitated for a moment and stopped talking. He also knew that Kodama Gentaro was now under pressure. This Xu Huaijin was second only to the Chinese tiger in both ability and prestige in the Chinese revolutionary army. This Xu Huaijin was even more terrible. The Chinese tiger rarely made direct moves now, but the most important battle is now that Xu Huaijin personally commanded the Republic of China. No matter what the war was, he never forced to swallow the enemy in one bite, making people fight back. Both Japan and Russia suffered from this man!
Er Yu sat quietly for almost half an hour and said with a sigh, "Forget it, don’t worry about it. Send a message to Li Jianjun immediately and tell him about the situation in North Korea and see if he has any good ideas. Now we can’t count on the Ministry of National War to see Li Jianjun."
A newspaper was sent over.
Two people command quietly waiting.
I haven’t seen a reply from Taiwan Province for more than an hour.
Kodama Gentaro Watanabe looked at each other together, and there were some doubts in his heart. They had long been used to seeing Shang Wen’s long-term dealings, and they were worried about him on their own side. It won’t be long before they returned to themselves. Why didn’t anything happen for more than an hour?
Watanabe sank, "Er Yujun, I’ll ask you urgently later!"
Watanabe got up together and sent the newspaper again, and waited for more than an hour. Just when they were impatient, they immediately saw that Shangwen had finally returned.
The war staff rushed into the headquarters and said, "Commander Pavilion Chief of Staff Pavilion Taiwan Province immediately sees you back!"
Kodama Gentaro breathed a sigh of relief and finally got the news. He quickly said, "Show me the newspaper!"
Kodama Gentaro eagerly launched the newspaper Watanabe, and also leaned in to see if Li Jian Shangwen really replied
Two people look very gloomy.
At this time, I saw that Shang Wen was seriously injured in Kaohsiung Port, but in front of him, Hei Muzhen led the Japanese Chinese Revolutionary Army to fight repeatedly. I saw that Shang Wen had some thoughts, but he was unable to worry and the injury was more serious.
Heimuzhen asked him to take good care of his illness and ordered the military doctor to guard Lijian Shangwen 24 hours a day and take turns to take care of him, hoping to let Lijian Shangwen go back to the battlefield as soon as possible.
Two people were almost detained by the guards around them. If it weren’t for Li Jian Shangwen’s coming out for a stroll, the boss would still be kept in the dark.
Li Jian Shang Wen saw two newspapers and scolded the guards around him for such important information that he dared to detain it privately. Once something went wrong, it would be a disaster!
It is this newspaper that is late.
It’s stupid to see that Kodama Gentaro was rudely reprimanded in Shangwen newspaper, and the North Korean troops were almost twice as many as the Chinese revolutionary army. Now that Xu Huaijin has landed from Busan and has two divisions, how dare he divide his troops and go to Seoul for a decisive battle! What we need to do now is to either break through the Yalu River as soon as possible, kill Xu Huaijin while the northeast forces are weak, or force a small number of troops to defend the Yalu River defense line and crush Xu Huaijin’s troops in Busan and Seoul so that they can divide and conquer. This is a dead end!
Kodama Gentaro was found in Shangwen newspaper to scold the dog’s blood, and his head was dripping with cold sweat. Let’s split up and split up! The taboo of military strategists is to divide the troops! I was so anxious that I forgot about it!
If this is true, Xu Huaijin will give himself a divide-and-conquer, then don’t kill himself?
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty LingXiuShan ambush
Kodama Gentaro cold sweat aside Watanabe a taste is not the case.
Seeing that Shangwen’s opinion is still so bloody, just a few words can see the problem clearly. Now I am afraid that the southernmost division is in danger!
Watanabe said in a hurry, "It makes sense for Commander Ge Li to see you. We can’t wait. We have to redeploy our troops. The situation is too dangerous!"
Kodama Gentaro drink a way "immediately ordered the forefront of the tenth divisions to immediately stop moving in the direction of Kaesong, and ordered the tenth divisions and the 19th divisions to advance to the south and the three divisions to meet as soon as possible; Order the fifteenth division to immediately order the seventeenth division to strictly observe the Yalu River defense line to prevent the Chinese revolutionary army in Fengtianjing from attacking Sinuiju! "
Kodama Gentaro, worthy of being a famous soldier, quickly made the most targeted adjustment to the strategic deployment of the Japanese army in North Korea.
Unfortunately, it is too late to reach the order at this time!
Three hundred miles away, the war is already raging in front of Lingxiu Mountain!
Lieutenant General Yu Yamada led the Tenth Division to March all the way, sprinting towards Seoul at the fastest speed, and finally arrived at Lingxiu Mountain. When it arrived here, it was already a little dark.
The chief of staff, Wang Jiazhu, personally led two cavalry brigades to stay in Lingxiu Mountain. There are not many artillery, but all the commanding heights here have been controlled, especially a pretty heavy machine gun mortar, which has entered the war preparation.
The 2nd Division of Chinese Revolutionary Army Cavalry can’t be here in tight encirclement already!
While Wang Jiazhu was waiting for some anxiety, a riding agent finally ran over and said urgently, "The Chief of Staff, the Japanese army has arrived!"
Wang Jiazhu quickly asked, "What position is it?"
The rider replied, "It’s less than ten miles away from us, and it will arrive here in an hour!" "
Wang Jiazhu sink a way: "Once the Japanese army arrives in our ambush, the artillery heavy machine guns will attack first to confuse the Japanese army first, and then the two cavalry brigades, one east and one west, will tear down the Japanese army divisions and surround this battle. We just want the two brigades to eat one of them abruptly and let them know that our Chinese fighters are powerful!"