After reporting to the rear of our army that there are now 1500 troops, the soldiers rushed to Hawkins again a moment later. Didn’t I say that there are a lot of 500 troops in this mess? Hawkins said grumpily that there are not many people. This army rushed to our army to see the situation. It can’t be a mercenary soldier, added the soldier.
What? Hawkins didn’t understand the situation until now, but at this moment, what he did was too late. Evergreen led the elite to fight in the army.
Chapter 7173 Men’s tears
Kill Evergreen, rage and enter the enemy camp with a sword. The special command eagle who followed him immediately entered the second runner-up team in Simoni like a flood. Although Evergreen led the troops to attack quickly, the second runner-up team in Kuanping Simoni was still ready, so he encountered unexpected offensive resistance at the stage of Evergreen. However, when he bravely killed the enemy, he encouraged the special command team to win 200 battles and finally reached the enemy core in a few minutes, so the chaos finally appeared in the middle of the enemy.
Brother, it’s time to save our brother, and kill all the dogs and thieves. He flew to the enemy from the right and rushed to the enemy. He was less than three kilometers away from the runner-up in Simoni, but only a stone’s throw away from his feet.
The ability of special warfare is far from being comparable to that of Seymour’s foot soldiers. The rear team just had chaos. I don’t know what happened. Seymour’s right army was forcibly attacked by the special command team led by dragonfly. As a result, the formation of Seymour’s army ended in chaos, and Luanda led the troops to finally see the dragonfly reinforcements after a long struggle. Everyone bravely rushed to the front of the enemy. It was a miracle that the army of more than 30,000 people was killed and fled by thousands of Tianlong troops.
Hawkins, you coward, roll for me. With a sword of evergreen, divide a runner-up soldier in Simone around you into two sections and shout to the sky, Hawkins, today is your death day. I have surrounded you with an army of 100,000 dragons, and you haven’t come to die yet. Dragonfly shouted and killed all the soldiers around him and rushed towards the enemy’s heart.
This psychological tactic is also a dragonfly’s plan in advance. It is very white that Dragonfly has led the troops with excellent quality, but the absolute difference in number is still difficult to make up, so it can give the enemy more pressure in mind in exchange for defeating the enemy at the least cost.
However, in the hype of dragonfly and others, the truth has not yet been understood. The trend of deserters in the left army of Simonia, like the rapid spread of plague, quickly swept through Simonia. The runner-up wanted to escape as soon as possible, and the number of deserters who didn’t want to die here increased from one to one hundred and from one hundred to one thousand.
However, after all, people’s physical strength is limited. After a long time of fighting, the soldiers in Long Jun are now tired, and the attack speed is greatly different. The runner-up in Simone took effect after the heads of divisions stabilized their morale. The Dragonfly Army gradually lost its previous advantage and turned from attack to defense
Hawkins rolled around and died, and Luo Cha both broke into the center of the enemy. Both of them shouted and attacked the enemy around them. At this moment, they hoped to see Hawkins cut off his head and Long Jun won the victory the day after tomorrow.
The enemy leader is here. The pike team is trapped. The strong crossbow team is shooting in formation. Finally, the dragonfly laughs. Luo Cha’s attack has attracted the attention of a famous commander in the Seymour army. He waved his command knife and ordered the ministries to attack.
Hawkins, you know, let your hands die, you little puss-head. I’ll let you do it for nothing, little puss-head. The dragonfly looks at itself and laughs. Luo Cha has been surrounded by enemy forces layer after layer. Suddenly, he thunders and leaps high in his hand, and Xiang Ling incarnates colorful light, accompanied by the powerful shock wave of the dragonfly’s true spirit.
Oh, how can ordinary soldiers resist the attack of firm but gentle? Seeing that the dragonfly firm but gentle suddenly floats everywhere, a piece of blood fog, broken limbs, broken arms and heads are flying everywhere. However, the runner-up of Simoni is worthy of being worshipped by Sotheby’s legion. No matter how fierce the dragonfly attack is, when the firm but gentle disappears, the brigade soldiers immediately rush forward to attack the dragonfly with bows and spears in their hands.
Boss, laugh carefully. Luo Cha is also a military man. Longfei Bai will meet for a while after a strong shock wave. At this moment, he will see layers of enemies pouncing on the dragonfly, so he will take off and shoot at the dragonfly regardless of many soldiers around him.
It’s hard to block the sword like dense grass in the jungle. After approaching the dragonfly, Luo Cha laughs, but he feels a piercing pain in his left back. An iron ridge long arrow has hit his body. It’s good to laugh. Luo Cha’s true qi protects the body, so the long arrow is not inserted too deep. I’m afraid you’ve been hurt. Laugh. Luo Cha is angry. Raise the sword and slash at the soldiers who tried to attack the dragonfly.
Luo Cha is dying. The enemy has organized an attack. If we kill again, we can be trapped here. Dragonfly laughs. Luo Cha leans side by side and says, Well, are we going to break through? Laugh. Luo Cha asks, Be firm for a while. When Kaifa meets Luanda, we will break through. Dragonfly Grid said after several long arrows flew out.
Go to hell and laugh at Luo Cha’s sword and cut down the soldiers who tried to attack him and said, hey, hey, boss, do you remember when we were in the same situation before?
Haha, of course, I remember that it was the first time in Lanyun Shanzhai to teach in red. At that time, it was the first time that I killed people. It was really hard to shape. Dragonfly said to Luo Cha while fighting
Yeah, but at that time, I didn’t think about anything. I was killing, killing, and then I killed my nerves. People came to cut and laugh. Luo Cha gasped and said, yes, if people want to kill me, I will kill people. If I think too much, I will be killed. We are all first-class people. Luo Cha, remember to live, or you won’t have a chance to be popular. Dragonfly smiled at Luo Cha and encouraged.
I won’t even die if you let me die. I’m just a purple moon. How can that die? Hey, hey, smile. Luo Cha said with a smirk. Oh, to be honest, I don’t even know what it’s like. Tell me about it. Dragonfly asked seriously. Even the boss can’t say it. If you want to know, go back to your net. Laugh, Luo Cha said after a while.
God knows what’s going on in these two people’s minds. It can be said that they are worthy of a pair of stooges when they are still thinking about it in this life-and-death situation, but this may be a way for them to relieve stress.
Dragonfly here after the attack was crushed by the enemy, Evergreen led the troops into the stage of death. Five hundred special warfare players were killed or injured in the previous attack, but Evergreen still took the lead in rushing forward. When Hawkins, wearing the golden general armor, entered Evergreen’s eyes, the semi-Zhongkai signal was already present.
Killing his master will make it easier to retreat, evergreen thought, and then people will go at will, regardless of the retreat code, and shoot Hawkins alone, taking their lives to drink for evergreen.
At the moment, Hawkins has not noticed that Evergreen has been killed. He hurriedly picked up his waist and barely blocked Evergreen’s sword. Evergreen was immediately surrounded by guards who came around. He watched Hawkins retreat further and further with many guards and watched the increasing number of enemy soldiers around him. Evergreen knew that he would never have the opportunity to kill Hawkins again. So he screamed and ordered his hands to retreat, and he himself retreated as he walked.
The boss is Kay Fireworks Laughing Luo Cha. He said that it’s right that we are going to go to Luo Cha. You hold the Lord for a while and I’ll kill our way out to finish. Dragonfly will insert Xiang Ling back into the scabbard and conclude a flame mark with his hands on his chest. Slowly close your eyes and put his life in the hands of Laughing Luo Cha.
In the name of my contract, I summon my guardian God, the Flame God King, to destroy my mortal enemy by your extinction magic. At this moment, you and I will be angry to show the strongest power. Vulcan’s anger is over, and then Dragonfly’s eyes will open angrily, and then a huge fire dragon will be shot from the flame mark of his hands. The soldiers in Seymour will suddenly be swallowed up by the fire dragon, and a charred road will be destroyed. Now, the boss in front of Dragonfly is laughing. When Luo Cha saw that the enemy was killed by Dragonfly magic, he suddenly broke through like a dragonfly.
Laughing at Luo Cha’s dragonfly leaving the battlefield at the same time, Evergreen has also been out of contact with the enemy. Because his defense force on the enemy’s back is relatively weak, the resistance when retreating is relatively small. After half an hour or so, Evergreen’s remaining more than 100 special warfare players finally joined dragonfly and others and were killed by Tianlong Army to pieces. The runner-up of Simone also regrouped.
General, the enemy is organizing formations in the north. Do you think we should continue to pursue Hawkins, the adjutant said to his commander, well, how much did our army lose? Hawkins asked blankly. According to the preliminary statistics, nearly 4 thousand people were killed and more than 3 thousand people were slightly injured. The adjutant replied cautiously.
Less than 5,000 troops can make our army lose half of its troops. This is the first time that I have suffered a crushing defeat. However, Prince Tianlong is not an ordinary person. Maybe Bassos can really regain his former glory. Hawkins muttered, and immediately ordered the army to stop pursuing minor injuries and send them back to the barracks for medical treatment.
Not far from the dragon army camp, the official said in front of the dragonfly that the enemy had retreated
Well continue to observe the dragonfly said the boss what they no longer attack us less than two thousand people and the enemy is still half finished fighting force smile Luo Cha strange asked.
Well, I don’t know. It’s not the time for us to discuss the problem. Order the troops to move forward to Mikaroka. Jania and other jewelry associates will be there. We will meet Dragonfly and smile at Luo Cha.
Is with smile Luo Cha all life after a bloody battle, two thousand dragon army troops to mika roca forward dragonfly will wait here at sunset jie ni and others meet and they finally can catch my breath.
After nightfall, the dragonfly still lights up in Zhongjun camp and all the generals are calling for an emergency meeting.
My Lord means that the enemy who peeks at the magic weapon is definitely not limited to the South China Chamber of Commerce and Kaikou. Although these people dare to be confronted by the enchanted auctioneer in the venue, when they escape safely and know that the magic weapon is in our body, they will definitely pursue us. Therefore, we must be extra careful to prevent falling short before sending reinforcements to join us, Dragonfly said seriously.
Well, boss, where do you think the enemy will stop us? Laugh. Luo Cha asked after a little thinking. I’m dizzy. Luo Cha, you’re the deputy chief of staff. You won’t even think about this little thing. Dragonfly said after making a strange expression
Hey, hey, you get used to everything when you are together. Let me think. Laugh. Luo Cha scratched his head and said awkwardly. After a while, he laughed. Luo Cha said, I didn’t expect the enemy to stop us anywhere, but I thought that we should go that way.
Oh, you tell me. Dragonfly deliberately put on a strange expression and said, We should take the path to laugh. Luo Cha said slowly, Haha, what else do you want to say? Take the path. Everyone knows that the enemy will not be stupid enough to even think of this. Kay laughs and smiles on weekdays. Luo Cha Kay has a harmonious relationship, so Luo Cha doesn’t mind laughing at Kay.
Laugh. Luo Cha got up and said slowly that he thought of the enemy, but whether they would come or not. Think about it. The odd path leading to Kvas is in the Guqimas Mountain. We rushed here as soon as we arrived in the city today. In any case, the enemy will be slower than us. In addition, if we want to enter the path, we will take Mikaroka, so we can know who is chasing now. When we enter the road, the situation is very different. The developed road in Si Tong is generally four-accessible. The enemy can speed up and drive us from other places at any time and set up a circle ahead. We will be really dangerous when we have drilled into it, but now we choose the path of the enemy to hide our tracks, so that even if we are chased by the enemy and fight again, we will not be caught off guard and will not be killed by the enemy.
It seems that it’s not unreasonable to choose you as a deputy. Dragonfly smiles and smiles. Luo Cha thanks for your master’s praise and smile. Luo Cha deliberately bows to Dragonfly and deliberately aggravates the master’s two words. Go back to your camp and go to bed early. At four o’clock every morning, we will send it to Guchmas Mountain Road. Dragonfly criticises.
No, no, no, the boss is wrong. I’m not flattering. I’m patting the dragon fart and laughing. Luo Cha said with a serious face. Who dares to slap Long Ye’s ass and laugh at Luo Cha’s words? Is it so fun to slap me on the ass when I just came back from foraging?
A day of fierce fighting finally passed in the gradually extinguished bonfire, but the hardships in front of the dragonfly and others were still not over. At four o’clock the next morning, at the moment of Michelo Carmen, the dragon army was sent. Because Jienia prepared the steeds, the dragonfly and others walked for four hours after passing the card, they entered the Gucci Mashan Road.
Guchi Mas Mountain is a mountain range stretching from Kvas’s Qi province to Mohji’s Ka province, and the mountain road is also built by mountain thieves who live here. Although the mountain road is small, it is flat, so Tianlong Army will soon speed up and move forward.
For three days, Zhongtian Long Jun rested for six hours every day, and the rest of the time, half of them released their horses and half of them walked to keep the horses from being too tired and losing their strength. Although there were several small accidents in these three days, they did not harm the Tianlong army. Perhaps the incident happened because they gradually moved away from Bernard’s army, and their mood changed from stage to stage, and now they are moving forward easily.
On the fourth day afternoon, the dragonfly and others crossed a small forest and rode to a lawn. The steep slopes on both sides of the mountain road in front of Luo Cha made it easy for people to ambush you. Find some detective horses to see the rest of the troops, while the dragonfly will laugh and Luo Cha will call to him and say to him.
Well, I laughed in vain. Luo Cha gently rode his horse and went to the evergreen line in the back team, and the dragonfly also jumped into the horse to relax and live a tight bone. After a while, as the four soldiers divided into two roads, they went to the mountain side. After a long hard work, the soldiers searched for their own places and took a few bites of dry food.
Did you take the dark crying magic blade? Suddenly, it seems like a man is not a man, like a woman is not a woman. Someone’s dragonfly consciousness suddenly turns around and sees a handsome young man with blue hair who is inseparable from men and women. Now he is behind the dragonfly and there is no light in his deep purple eyes.
Is the blade of Diablo Cry in your hand? The man said in a shrill voice, Who are you? Dragonfly asked again. At this moment, the soldiers in Tianlong Army have taken up arms and gathered around the mysterious figure.