Ji Fan clapped his hands and said, "Good!" It is clear in my heart that I finally know why he chose the densely populated right wing. Originally, I paid such attention at the beginning.
Yang Xiao is a little upset. . . Not some, but very! Why didn’t you see this high captain so stupid at ordinary times?
Captain Gao also found that the offensive was not good, and quickly shouted: "Break through the left wing and rush out."
Wu Yeyun disdains to smile. Such a battle can’t interest him. What he likes is to shrink a little in the dark and sneak up on the enemy. Just like the thieves in the old game.
It’s just an interest to unite soldiers.
At the moment, there is no suspense in the battle, and the originally tight heartbeat is suddenly loosened. Take a long breath.
Gao, a captain, tried his best to fight in the chaos, hitting one foot soldier after another with a stick.
Two fists are hard to beat four hands, finally.
A stick hit him hard between the necks. A captain Gao suddenly fainted.
Wu Yeyun’s eyes were bright, and he climbed up a hillside, hoarse and yelling: "A captain Gao is dead, so you won’t surrender! Captain Gao is dead! Captain Gao is dead! Captain Gao is dead! " The stick in his hand was thrown into the sky.
All eyes closely watched the original place of Gao a captain.
Suddenly followed by the roar of Wu Yeyun: "Gao A captain is dead! Captain Gao is dead! "
Yang Xiao reluctantly bought some sheep for a battalion of foot soldiers and kept them in captivity, guarded by 500 foot soldiers.
Ji Fan smiled faintly and went to Wu Yeyun. She asked faintly, "Get to know each other again! Me! Ji Fan, Lord of Wuji Town. I don’t know if you would like to join. " The right hand is secretly touching the sword! If Wu Yeyun refuses, he will have to stay here today.
Wu Yeyun tugged at the mouth, obviously saw Ji Fan’s move, grabbed Ji Fan’s right hand and said, "Don’t! Don’t! You have to let me know the basic situation! For example, how many civil servants are above 80 points and how many military commanders are above 80 points. How many troops are there? "
Ji Fan said with a straight face: "Civil servant! Xun Yu, Xi Zhicai, Marotta. Military commanders: Lu Xun, Zhu Huan, Wargo, Ding Feng, Zhang Liao, Zhao Yun. The other aborigines are Jin Min and Ji Xiu. Alien: Wang Qiang. Strength: 100,000. Eight thousand warriors, ten thousand bingzhou fighters, twelve thousand elite cavalry and five thousand bandit troops, and the rest are scattered among the other three towns. " Ji Fan is going to kill Wu Yeyun if he doesn’t promise anyway, and there is no pressure to speak.
Wu Yeyun was very single after hearing this, and said, "You have to give me 5,000 soldiers, and I have to choose for myself. You promised me to join. If I don’t agree, I can’t go home to be my junior high school student. "
JiFan some wonder, are you still a junior high school student? I see you know a lot! Since when are junior high school students so awesome? Pity me, an otaku doesn’t know anything about arms training. After listening to Wu Yeyun’s conditions, he said, "No problem! If you swear not to betray me! "
Wu Yeyun took a long breath and said, "Everyone is so scrupulous about swearing once and for all! I guess it’s karma for swearing too much before. Good! "
"Hegemony system: Wu Yeyun made an oath to you never to betray."
Ji Fan looked at Wu Yeyun’s dead face and said, "Didn’t I ask you to recognize the Lord?"
Wu Yeyun breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, "Now you can tell me whether you are here for Jizhou."
JiFan nodded.
It is night. . .
Palace, Yang Xiao to high a captain is a swept over denounced!
"You waste, the training degree is twice that of others, and people who haven’t started lunch can beat you like this, waste! Schrotten! I didn’t end up in person, but I can beat you by saying a few words to that little soldier! Look at the soldiers you trained. "
A captain Gao was quite dissatisfied and said, "That’s because. . . Because. . . My foot soldiers are all old, weak and disabled soldiers. "
Yang Xiao growled: "You waste, all I chose for you were first-class youths. Only those in the first battalion are those under the age of 25. "
Captain Gao said in a low voice, "Master, if I train his soldiers, I will definitely not be as good as him."
Yang Xiao sighed, thinking, after all, he is my confidant, keep it or some use.
In the palace, I walked around and thought for a long time, then said, "Tomorrow, I will use the Yellow Scarf soldiers as an excuse to attack the city and switch your two battalions. You are training for a month, and I can’t help you then. "
A captain Gao roared, "I’m definitely better than him."
Yang Xiao frowned and growled, "Get out."
JiFan walking on the way home, looked around the beggars, the in the mind noodles a little permeability.
At this time, a wealthy businessman, a fat man, swayed from behind and whispered, "Adults don’t have to look around, it will arouse suspicion. In addition, Yang Xiao is going to exchange your first and second battalions tomorrow. " Say that finish sway leisurely entered the corner.
JiFan wiped his head better, walked towards his mansion.
The bandit troops are becoming more and more elusive. But his news made JiFan angry.
It’s a little uncomfortable to say that the elite soldiers I trained should be used by others.
————————————————————————————————————————————————— One night in spring—
The next day, Ji Fan hurried to the barracks early and found that a foot soldier had started to run.
The military camp is wide, and a long gray dragon is seen from a distance.
Ji Fan stepped onto the high platform.
The foot soldiers saw JiFan lined up neatly under the command of Wu Yeyun.
Ji Fan said with a heavy face: "Ladies and gentlemen, maybe today, we will be separated. Yang cheng mainly assigned you to Gao, a captain. . . Hey! A captain Gao’s soldiers were assigned to me. Your trip may be a lot of hardships, but you can rest assured that I will often send you some fat sheep. Take care, everyone! "
About 10 thousand foot soldiers looked at it, obviously there were some feelings from heaven to hell.
These days, I was scared to see the training of the Second Battalion. The high captain couldn’t train at all, and he beat up the exhausted foot soldiers until he was exhausted. Don’t encourage the same whip like Ji Fan, but beat him! It’s raw.
"Instructor, we want to be with you! We don’t want to go to the second battalion! "
"Everyone’s mind, I JiFan know! But the duke’s orders are inviolable! Work hard when you get there, and I’ll send some fat sheep. "
The whole audience was silent.
At this time, Yang Xiao came up with a captain Gao, smiled at Ji Fan on the high platform and said politely, "Instructor Ji! Get up so early! Haha, how to talk? "
Ji Fan nodded faintly and said, "Yes, I don’t know what you are, Lord Yang and a captain Gao. . 。”
Yang Xiao looked dark and said with a sigh, "Hey, now that the yellow turban insurrectionary is rampant, we must deploy some foot soldiers to defend the city. This is because instructor Ji has no weak soldiers. I don’t want your foot soldiers to help captain Gao defend the city!"
Ji Fan pretended to have an epiphany and nodded and said, "Oh, the brothers have been training very hard these days. But you can’t be a real soldier without a bloody battle. That’s nothing for me. I’ll go first. "
Yang Xiao hurriedly stopped Ji Fan and smiled and said, "Instructor Ji doesn’t talk. How can we be idle for such a big talent? So please ask instructor Ji to help train the foot soldiers of the original second battalion. How? "
Ji Fan really wants to say, "Thank you for helping me!" But obviously you can’t say!
Ji Fan nodded deadpan and said, "Yes, it can. However, after several days of hard work, I will officially train. Now it is a piece of paper, so I hope the Lord can let me choose someone to help me train, which will make me relaxed."
Yang Xiao simply nodded his head.
JiFan didn’t speak, one of the foot soldiers scampered out and stood beside JiFan.
Ji Fan threw his fist at Lord Yang and said, "Just him!"
Yang Xiao nodded his head.
JiFan corners of the mouth a sneer at.
"Do you think in my soldiers, you can beat me? Captain Gao? Yang Xiao? "