The vine monster let out a piercing scream, and Chu Yanqi felt that his gums were sore. Although the little monster just said that he would eat him, he still had some heart to see it so miserable now.
Although the vine monster was cut off from the top of his head, he was still alive. In the hands of Jin Dawu, he was constantly twitching and trembling.
A fruity aroma with ginseng spread out, and Chu Yanqi understood in an instant that he had just eaten it. In an instant, his face became pale.
Jin Dawu took the cup just now and buckled it upside down, but in a moment, the vine monster stopped twitching and moving for a while, so he threw it out with the wings of the vine monster, and then pushed half a cup of milky juice in front of him and said, "That’s it."
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Chapter two hundred and nine Ginseng juice
ChuYan perched on the vine monster that was thrown on the ground. It was completely dead, motionless, and its pink and tender head shrank down at this time, and all the juice poured out, so it naturally collapsed.
"Try it, it’s fresh. You humans like it." Jin Dawu hey hey smiled.
"I don’t eat!" Although Chu Yanqi knows that the vine monster is not human, he really can’t do such a thing as eating intelligent animals.
There should be more than one vine monster in that big glass just now, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network: two, three or even more.
"You humans are really strange." Jin Dawu shook his head and said, "Do you know what it is?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Is there a difference between eating intelligent animals and eating your own kind?" Chu Yanqi shook his head. "One moment, he was still talking to you. The next moment, you just put it in a cup and eat it?"
Jin Dawu looked at him and asked, "Have you killed anyone?"
Chu Yanqi looked at him blankly, while Jin Dawu continued: "It seems unlikely that you cultivate immortals, if you don’t want to kill anyone, you may kill people for whatever purpose. So, one moment you are still talking to your enemy, and the next moment, you just kill him with a knife?"
"This is different." Chu Yanqi felt that he should not reason with a monster and immediately said, "Killing people has a purpose at least, but it is aimless killing."
"I want to eat it, that’s the purpose." Jin Dawu said, "If you don’t eat, I’ll keep pouring."
"Is this thing poisonous?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. ChuYanQi asked.
"No poison, not only no poison. And it also has a nourishing effect, which is much better than the golden ginseng you said. " Jin Dawu said, "We call this ginseng fruit."
"Ginseng fruit …" Chu Yanqi remembered the ginseng fruit tree in Journey to the West, which was similar to a child. Tang Priest didn’t dare to eat it. However, ginseng fruit is still a fruit after all, and it can’t fly or talk, and it won’t tie him with vines and want to take him home.
"In this case. Why are you forcing me to eat this? " Chu Yanqi asked, this is not a pervert. What is it?
"First, I like to see you now." Jin Dawu smiled. "I feel a sense of accomplishment when I look at the hypocrisy of human beings."
"You are hypocritical, and your whole family is hypocritical." ChuYan habitat in the heart dark scold unceasingly, but he also knows that if he doesn’t eat, Jin Dawu will still use irrigation. He drank it just now, so naturally he doesn’t care about using violence again. In the hands of such a monster, he really doesn’t know what to say.
Think how happy the Tang Priest was when he learned Buddhist scriptures. The monster he met wanted to eat his meat at best, and at worst, he happened to meet a beautiful banshee and wanted to marry him.
He didn’t want to learn from the scriptures. He came to look for the treasure and how he met the monster. So sick, forcing him to eat ginseng fruit?
"Second, after eating this fruit, humans will give off a fragrance, which our Queen likes." Jin Dawu said, "You’re not alone in Fusang’s shakotan coast, are you? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"hmm." ChuYanQi nodded, originally is to make him delicious. And give it to the monster queen? Damn, he is a gift, but this mentality. He can still understand that when human beings give gifts to human beings, they will also wrap them up and make them beautiful, and then send them to them.
"So, in recent days, Her Majesty will receive many sacrifices?" When Jin Dawu said this, he couldn’t help but stand up and frown. "No, I have to hurry."
"Your Majesty the Queen likes to eat people?" Chu Yanqi asked curiously, he can only understand it this way. His only understanding of monsters comes from Journey to the West.
When those little devils caught the Tang Priest, they didn’t enjoy it immediately. They all wanted to keep it to honor the old monster, which led to the monkey’s opportunity.
At that time, Chu Yanqi also cursed those stupid monsters. When he caught the Tang Priest, he didn’t know to bite it directly. He said, he cut off an arm first, stewed it or braised it in soy sauce, and then bandaged the Tang Priest to stop bleeding, and raised it … Waiting for the old demon to come, steaming and cooking it slowly.
Now that I think about it, monsters are very filial and refuse to enjoy good things first?
"Hey …" Jin Dawu looked at him unfathomable smile, smile ChuYan habitat creepy.
"My Lord, everything is ready." A little Jin Wu flew in and reported to Jin Dawu.
"hmm!" Jin Dawu nodded, looked at Chu Yanqi, and said, "Eat quickly and go."
ChuYan perched on the cup of ginseng juice, and then look at the dead vines monster on the ground, gently sigh, it is dead, at least dead is crisp and agile, who knows what the monster queen is like, waiting for him, what will happen?
Bite a tooth, ChuYanQi is almost a small cup of ginseng juice poured down.
As Jin Dawu said, this ginseng juice is not bad, even very delicious, fragrant and sweet in the mouth, with endless aftertaste, but as long as you think that it is an intelligent creature, Chu Yanqi is in Mao Mao’s heart.
If the juice squeezed by the damned vine monster made Chu Yanqi sick and uncomfortable, then when Jin Dawu took him to a big bird cage, Chu Yanqi was completely confused.
It’s a birdcage made of vines, with small flowers wrapped around the emerald vines, which is very beautiful. Of course, the premise of good-looking is that this birdcage can’t be used to hold him. If it is used to hold him, he will feel that it is not good-looking at all.
Obviously, Jin Dawu didn’t have a special hobby of getting into the birdcage, but directly stuffed him in.
The birdcage is relatively small, and there is a chair made of vines in it. Chu Yanqi can only sit on the chair and can’t stand up. When he sits down, vines are immediately entangled and tied to the chair.
Soon, the door of the birdcage closed, and Chu Yan swore angrily: "Damn perverted golden bird, if you fall into my hands, I will definitely put you in the birdcage every day."
"Man, if I fall into your hands, you are not as simple as locking me in a birdcage, are you? Error-free novel network many words "Jin Dawu hey hey smiled.
"Of course, I’m going to cut off your bird’s wings and make them into roasted wings of roses." ChuYan habitat nu way.
"Don’t you eat intelligent creatures?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Jin Dawu deliberately asked.
"You are an exception." ChuYanQi hate her teeth.
"Well, if I had known this, I should have found something else to eat for you just now." Jin Dawu said.
While speaking, he has picked up the bird cage and strode out, leaving his nest, so he spread his wings and flew towards it.
How high is that big tree and how big it should be? Chu Yanqi couldn’t estimate it. Seeing that the original tree was approaching the top of the tree, he didn’t expect it. At the upper level, there was an accident. It was an ancient tree that looked even bigger, bigger and more exaggerated than the one below.
And such a tree actually grows on the sun.
The ancient tree hibiscus, inhabited by the setting sun, is commonly known as the sunbird.
Is this the source of sunbirds? ChuYan perched in the heart thinking, look again, he is the unlucky one who was put in a birdcage.
"Little demon, why did you break into Fusang Palace without authorization?" Several humanoid monsters, with huge wings, flew up and blocked Jin Dawu’s way.
ChuYan perched across the bird cage, and looked at those monsters carefully. They had golden wings on their backs and looked like people, but their faces and bodies were covered with thick scales, and there was a unicorn on their heads. They didn’t know it was a creature. Anyway, he had never seen it before.
"Report back to the general, and I’m here to make a sacrifice according to the rules." Jin Dawu busy said.