After one afternoon, Xiao Yan regained a feeling of being stared at all the time.
He is basking in the sun by the window, and Luo Zonglan is wandering around the building.
He went to the vegetable field and hid in a green leaf, which was straighter than the corn stalk.
He went to soak in hot springs … This time Luo Zonglan didn’t appear. He couldn’t wait to be hundreds of meters away from Xiao Yan as if Xiao Yan was poisonous.
Even Shuang Li felt threatened. He was not Xiao Yan’s only small tail. His feathers exploded with anger. "This gray-haired man wants to give you feathers!"
"… don’t talk nonsense"
"He is what I can feel!"
Xiao Yan knew that it would be fruitless to argue with Shuang Li. He changed the subject and asked, "Aren’t you going to give me a gift?"
Frost Li’s anger dissipated instantly, and he quietly lowered his eyes. "I hope you will like it tonight."
Xiao Yan turned his hand. He saw that Shuang Li was like a big girl waiting to be married, with a full face of expectation and shyness. A sense of foreboding struck my heart.
Chapter 53 Chapter 53
At night, after a busy day, the scenic spot seems to have been removed from the fire. The boiling water bubbled before midnight and ended in silence in the early morning.
Xiao Yan threw himself into the lazy sofa and spread out his limbs, loading starfish.
This suite is a room with the most complete entertainment facilities on the third floor of Beiying Mountain Villa.
It was in this room last night that Xiao Yan waited for the public beta of Doomsday Awakening to be with Qi Jian.
However, after playing for twenty minutes, he was satisfied with the quality of the game.
Qi Jiantong has been in the room, Xiao Yan. He is playing a game and walks in. Qi Jiantong took off his helmet early and leaned in the corner to smoke.
See Xiao Yan walk down on the sofa, he looked up a little red pupil in the thick smoke lit up like a hungry beast.
"How was the game?" Xiao Yan asked JiJianTong.
"The number of registered people has reached 500,000"
Xiao Yan nodded approvingly, and the retired veteran cadres said in a tone, "Well done, young man."
Qi Jian and Dian Dian’s helmet in his hand made his hairstyle a little messy and more unruly.
He gave Xiao Yan an oblique look. "That’s it?"
"I’ve been spinning for more than a month, and you’ve played the game for 20 minutes and then praised me. That’s it?"
Xiao Yan touched his nose. "I’ll buy you anything you want."
JiJianTong threw the helmet into Xiao Yan’s arms "You want to"
Xiao Yan looked at Qi Jiantong, then at the helmet in his arms. "I suddenly realized," he said, "I don’t understand. You want a new game helmet, right?"
Qi Jiantong "… think again"
"Spend a lot of money to buy you the latest information game warehouse!"
Don’t be surprised that the latest game console costs millions. "What do you want?"
"I worked hard for a month to make a game, and you played it for twenty minutes." Qi Jiantong repeated stiffly.
Xiao Yan somehow felt JiJianTong very … Sad.
Because he played games for twenty minutes?
Perhaps it is understandable that everyone will be unhappy if he goes out of his way to get no attention from his boss.
"Do you want me to play games with you?" Xiao Yan asked
Xiao Yan couldn’t see his expression clearly through the smoke, but he felt a little … expectation from JiJianTong.
Last night, the game ran smoothly. Qi Jiantong played to level 1 to open the friend system. He wanted to add Xiao Yan’s friends, but found that the people around him had already disappeared.
At that moment, the joy of his success in the game beta vanished in an instant
Xiao Yan saw that he was looking forward to gathering his hair, putting on his helmet and pushing the blindfold to reveal a pair of black eyes.
Those eyes are curved and smiling, and the thick black eyelashes are clustered like talking.
"Come on, I’ll play with you, but I’m terrible."
A brief silence
"It’s too late," said Qi Jiantong. "Go to bed and play with me sometimes."
Having said that, his eyes are expecting more and he doesn’t seem to want Xiao Yan to say good night.
Xiao Yan patted the lazy sofa around him. "I’m too excited to sleep today. Come and play."
He told the truth. Luo Zonglan and Lin Xiuyuan’s sudden visit made him feel a little weird, plus the game beta and the surge in passenger traffic
Everything in a day Xiao Yan really can’t sleep.