His palm was as sharp as Jack nife’s, and he cut a purple knife. Knife mans surprises, will flee the demon emperor about, two pieces of residual resin was a kick out, he hit the Beargguy.
Beargguy body a staggered, continue to run forward.
Zhuge walked in vain before dawn, left hand plank brick, right hand silent clock, and together they smashed the past towards Beargguy.
Beargguy was smashed, and his body flew forward, rolled twice on the ground in a mess, and continued to run forward.
"It really deserves to be a descendant of Taikoo Man Bear. This flesh is really terrible." Zhuge thought before dawn, and the plank brick flew out and hit Beargguy on the back.
Even the descendants of Taikoo Man Bear couldn’t bear it under such circumstances, and they couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of black blood and lying on the ground.
"Zhuge is not bright, don’t mess around." Demon fairy Jr. did not enter this area and stood in the distance shouting.
But Zhuge Liang has killed his red eye at this moment, approaching Beargguy step by step, holding the silent clock in his hand, and the magic gas is mighty.
Zhuge raised his foot before dawn and kicked Beargguy out. The silent bell was offered and covered Beargguy.
And this time, demon fairy stood in the distance with a strange French seal in her hand, and the colorful lotus stands at her feet danced, and a dozen petals volleyed up, tearing the void and disappearing in front of her eyes.
The next moment, a dozen glittering and translucent petals appeared beside Beargguy, wrapping Beargguy firmly. Twelve petals actually have the ability to shuttle through the void.
The silent clock swept over the twelve petals without breaking them. Twelve petals wrapped around Beargguy, tore the void and disappeared without a trace, even failed to stop Zhuge before he lit up.
In the distance, twelve petals around demon fairy flew back again, and rescued Beargguy from the seal zone. Small demon fairy pale, obviously just with Beargguy shuttle vanity is very difficult.
"Hey!" Beargguy bailed out, growled, and stared at Zhuge with hatred.
"Hum!" Zhuge stared at the distance before dawn and snorted coldly, but he escaped. He turned to look for his next goal, and at a glance he saw Ye Feifan hiding everywhere, the palm of the king’s temple.
The silent bell fell, covering Ye Feifan in it and turning it into a pool of blood.
And at this time, Zhuge suddenly felt a strange fluctuation in space before dawn. He looked at the direction of the white, and saw that the white figure was a blur, holding a jade symbol in his hand. Obviously, he wanted to send it out.
This time Zhuge was prepared before dawn, and he hit the plank brick, shattering the space around Bai, and at the same time, the silent bell was moved and smashed it hard.
White pale, rolled out from the collapse of vanity, vanity transfer was interrupted. However, he was still decisive, and did not show signs of discouragement. He quickly stepped back, shaking the chaotic magic banners and swinging out thick magic gas to stop Zhuge from shining.
Zhuge shook the silent clock when it didn’t light, and then with a wave of his hand, he snatched the chaotic magic banner from Bai Yu’s hand.
He has successfully teleported away.
"hateful! !” Zhuge roar loud before dawn, only a little bit, he can leave white, but I never thought that white still had a gourmet magic weapon. This magic weapon should be mainly used for defense, which saved a life of Bai Yu at a critical moment.
After successfully escaping from the two men, Zhuge didn’t want to waste any more time. He looked at the scattered people around him. Zhuge screamed at dawn, the silent clock shook violently, the chaotic magic banners shook wildly, and the bricks were pressed down like magic mountains. The fall of sinking all day.
The screams and screams are endless, and Zhuge is not bright, like turning into a statue of killing God, ruthlessly harvesting his life.
Heaven and earth became red, there were thousands of corpses and rivers of blood, and no one could escape bad luck. These people are all elites of Kyushu’s major factions or forces, but at the moment they have all become helpless mortals.
Zhuge Liang’s crazy slaughter before dawn, like a god of death crawling out of hell, determines people’s life and death.
"Zhuge is not bright, you sinner!" People in the distance shouted.
At this time, all people have had understanding in their hearts, and the blood moon shines on Kyushu, which really indicates bad things. Zhuge Liang frantically slaughtered the elites of various factions, and seven experts in the deification period have died in their hands, while the younger generation is almost dying. The young strong of the major forces, only white escaped.
The blood moon indicates a bad omen. Although the number of casualties this time can’t be compared with that of thousands of years ago, all the people who died this time are big shots. This is a big reshuffle, and all the young masters in Kyushu died here, which is a painful blow to the major forces. From then on, Kyushu will probably make a world.
And Zhuge is not bright, and he is destined to become an eternal sinner in everyone’s mouth! !
"This is all you force! Even if I am a sinner, I will kill you all! " Zhuge didn’t shine and roared, and his men were merciless, and countless fresh lives were ruined. For a moment, the whole world seemed to be quiet.
Bodies piled up into mountains, and Zhuge stood on the mountain before dawn, dancing wildly, holding a chaotic magic banner and a silent clock, and bricks danced around him. It’s like a statue of killing a god through the ages, which makes people afraid to look straight.
Including all the people in the distance, dare not make any noise, and they can’t forget the scene in front of them for a generation. The words "Zhuge is not bright" shock their hearts.
Among the major forces, those who dodged a bullet are looking pale to the extreme at the moment.
Dugu Lancang’s old body trembled slightly, and his almost hoarse voice roared: "Young Zhuge, the old man is waiting for you here. As long as you step out of the Jedi, the old man will let you come to a bad end!"
"Little beast, I’m going to cut your head off!" The old monster in Xianhuang Pavilion also growled.
"How dare you come out and fight with me!" Beargguy long roar, golden day painting ji in his hand, pointing to zhuge is not bright.
"I want to pay you back everything today!" White eyes looming.
Zhuge stood on the corpse mountain without light, put away the silent clock and the chaotic magic banners, smiled coldly at the people in the distance, and the ancient tripod fell overhead. Zhuge sat on the tripod without light, letting the avenue breath in the ancient tripod moisten his body and slowly closed his eyes.
A strange wave spread out from his body, which seemed to move heaven and earth. He merged with Guding, and the whole person suddenly became ethereal and ethereal, which was totally different from the previous killing.
"This is his breakthrough! !” The people in the distance were surprised.
Chapter 375 Wan Jian robbery
Chapter 384 Wan Jian robbery
After a fight, Zhuge Liang had a feeling in his heart, and he chose to make a breakthrough at this time and began to sprint to the realm of deification. Coupled with the breath of the avenue flowing out of the ancient tripod, Zhuge has a feeling before he shines, and he is confident that he can definitely sprint to success this time.
"He wants to break through!" They exclaimed.
White eyes flowing out of the strange brilliance, eyes tightly staring at the plate sitting on the ancient tripod zhuge is not bright.
Beargguy holds a painting Ji, and his eyebrows are tightly knit together. Everyone’s face is dignified. Zhuge can kill the master of semi-deification before he shines. If the breakthrough really succeeds and his strength advances by leaps and bounds, I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if I want to kill him again.
Zhuge became ethereal and ethereal before dawn. Sitting on the ancient tripod, the whole person’s mind was strangely quiet. Although he experienced a fight, at this moment, Zhuge was not bright but extraordinarily calm, as if he had cut off all contact with the outside world.
"Never let him break through smoothly!" Du Gulan’s body suddenly surged out of the building like an ocean, and the dangers were looming.
"But his place is sealed and we can’t get in." The elders of the immortal phoenix pavilion are also old eyebrows locked.
I don’t know when, large dark clouds gathered in the sky, and it was dark, shrouded in Zhuge’s unlit position, and Lei Guang loomed like an electric snake.
"Armageddon appeared! This is a robbery that every practitioner must experience when he breaks through the deification period. " DuGuLan face dignified color, in the heart secretly thinking, how can I interfere with zhuge is not bright.
It can be said that everyone present doesn’t want Zhuge not to break through successfully. If he breaks through the deification period, it will not soar. Then it is hard for anyone in Kyushu to subdue him, unless it is some old monsters with empty holes.
"Boom!" Tianwei mighty, peerless punishment slowly down, a heavy pressure is hard to breathe, at the moment everyone’s face changed color.