The score difference has been expanded to 6 points, and the form has become more and more powerful for pedestrians.
O ‘Brien stood on the sidelines, his fists clenched tightly. At the moment, his palms are all sweaty, but his face is very calm. He doesn’t want his emotions to affect the players on the scene. It’s actually hard for him to hold back like this. I wonder if his face is cramped.
Brown hesitated and didn’t call a time-out. He didn’t want to give Li Cheng any chance to have a rest, and he also believed in James’s handling ability and control ability.
James didn’t disappoint Jeanblanc. He scored a goal with his own layup.
Now, there are three minutes left in the game, and the Cavaliers are four points behind, but this time the ball is owned by the Pacers.
Outside the Sung Jae Lee three-point line, the left hand controls the ball and the right hand points to the sky. Shouted: "Steady, steady! We must succeed in this attack. "
His teammates are running and pulling, but Li Cheng is also looking for opportunities.
Li Cheng keeps changing the rhythm of the racket. He doesn’t want James to see what he wants to do next.
Every time James sees Li Cheng’s superb ball control, he feels a little strange in his heart. The last time I saw him, his control of the ball was as good as that of amateurs, but now it is completely different. His ball control is also the best dribbling master in the league.
James is already familiar with Li Cheng’s quick change of the ball control. Suddenly, Li Cheng dribbled and his shoulder jerked to the left, and then he quickly started to break through to the right. James bumped into Murphy, and Li Cheng was near the free throw line at this time. The defender who appeared in front of him was Varejao.
"Hello, Emperor Ying." Li cheng casually said, and then took a small step back.
Varejao’s pupil shrinks. "This is the rhythm of his shooting!" He rushed forward, only to know that Li Chengyi bent down and sent the ball forward, and people had already drilled past.
Li Cheng completely disturbed the Cavaliers’ defense, and then Gibson and Larry Hughes appeared in front of him.
At this time, Li Cheng definitely has a chance to pass the ball, but the opportunity is fleeting, and he has no time to observe his teammates. This is the difference between him and some passing masters in the league. He has no energy to pay attention to his teammates when he breaks through, but every breakthrough of old demons like Nash and Kidd is based on passing the ball to his teammates.
At this point, Li Cheng has reached this point, and he decided to come by himself!
Hip, change direction, force a breakthrough. And at this moment, Li Cheng used the violent potion.
Suddenly, 200% of the attributes skyrocketed, and Li Cheng reached an unprecedented height in both speed and strength.
Gibson and Larry Hughes tried to close the door, but their "door" was directly knocked down by Li Cheng.
Li Chengben wanted to attack the basket directly, but Ben Wallace and James collectively rushed over at this time.
The three of them met in the air, and some fans had closed their eyes. They really can’t bear to see the result of Li Cheng’s thin body colliding with these two muscle maniacs in the air.
"Maybe … Li Cheng will be directly knocked down by them!"
"Maybe li cheng will be injured again, this ball or … give it up! As long as you are healthy, what’s the harm of losing the game? Next season, we will accompany you again. "
"Even if you are a god of war, you can’t be so deadly to fight! For the sake of your career, you should avoid it! "
However, how can Li Cheng avoid it? He’s a man who used drugs! In fact, even if he doesn’t use the medicine, he won’t back down. The pride in his bones, the stubbornness in his bones, even if there is a mountain in front, which was once high-strength, he will not hesitate to bump into it, even if he will be shattered next.
The commentator is also exclaiming, because he thinks that Li Cheng’s choice to confront James and Big Ben in the air is purely … seeking death!
James’s binge drinking sounded in Li Cheng’s ear, and Big Ben’s ferocious face appeared in Li Cheng’s ear, but Li Cheng wouldn’t flinch at this moment.
At this moment, if he is crazy, he is full of confidence and he will never back down. (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiYiLiuSi You can’t stop me
The female fans all cover their eyes with their hands, and even if they want to see it, they just watch it secretly through their fingers.
But then, the exclamation of everyone at the scene came out.
Sung Jae Lee forcefully pushed James and Ben Wallace out of the air, and he pushed them out to finish the one-handed split. Then Li Cheng hung on the basket, but James and Ben Wallace were hit by this air and almost stood unsteadily after landing.
"This … how is that possible?" James can’t believe it. Everyone can’t believe it.
How can Li Cheng’s slender figure knock Ben Wallace and LeBron James apart at the same time?
The invincible belief, the determination to turn back, and the "medicine" that Li Cheng broke down. These factors made Sung Jae Lee win in the collision at this moment.
"god of war! Invincible! " The cheers that broke out at the scene shook the earth, the ceiling was shaking and the floor was shaking.
Perhaps the silence of that moment before, the silence of that moment, all accumulated strength for the madness of this moment.
Cances Center is like a huge volcano, which erupts after ten thousand years’ savings. The angry magma can devour almost everything, and the roaring magma has the power to destroy everything.
"Unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable." The commentator said three "unbelievable" words in succession to express his shock.
"Li Cheng is a real god of war. If he wants to, if he dares, what can he not do?"
Li Cheng stood at the basket and roared at James. "Who can be me? ! Tonight, none of you can! "
Tonight, none of you can!