"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …"
Tianxin continued to laugh, and the purple iron sword leaped and flew, sweeping 300 million kilometers of Fiona Fang. Fighting with so many gods for the first time is really different from previous fighting. First of all, different horizons make the moves more mysterious. The powerful knowledge of the seven evil spirits makes the attack range of the instruments they control larger and faster, and the posture is more flexible. At least, as in the past, when fighting with true spiritual practice, the kind of randomness that can jump out of the fight at any time is gone. The Seven Evil Gods will keep an eye on you for hundreds of light years.
"Color, HuaCai, unfortunately, if in the snow marsh world day, I want to really talk to you about a high and low. Unfortunately, this is a dark god, it is your territory! "
Tianxin had to make a quick decision. Although there are almost 20,000 star domains from the central star domain of the dark god, if the fighting time exceeds ten stars, he and Xiaoxing’s hacking fortress will still be encircled by the dark god army.
"The light is shining, and the purple iron sword is illusory; The internet is empty, and the sky is full of enemies! Hey! "
HeSheng vanity high-spirited, purple iron sword instantly magic star fortress size of the ultimate state, to three hundred and seventy evil spirit make crazy sweep. Obviously, this is an asymmetrical fight, especially when the void battlefield is enlarged to hundreds of light years, and the seven evil spirits’ emissary, which is only built in the middle and late stages of the early days of the gods, is no match for the heavenly heart, which is the highest realm of the gods without them. The purple iron sword in the ultimate state can’t be resisted by the seven evil spirits who make those instruments with insufficient grade. What’s more, after the Purple Iron Sword, it was followed by a killer Tianluo multiplier, which specializes in plotting against people.

Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight windfall
It’s scattered dead and collected alive.
After a dense and uninterrupted "bang" sound, there is a sucking wind roll, and suddenly the void is clear, and no one is seen again. Only Xiaoxing steals the serial fortress and floats. These 300-odd seven evil spirits messengers are also well-behaved, ambitious in nature, and have various means. If we change the location, Tianxin might take care of them, instead of destroying their instruments like the wind sweeping away the leaves, scattering their dharma bodies, and immediately turning them into vanity if they are killed. What remains alive is only ontology, dying, and being left to fend for itself by the income killer Tianluo.
When Shang Tianku arrived with the rest of the millions of seven evil spirits, Xiaoxing’s pirate company’s fortress was already carrying Tianxin away, and this void was silent as if nothing had happened.
"My Lord, there is no trace of the left seven groups, and they have not sent back information. It seems that they were killed." A seven evil spirits messenger who arrived earlier told me.
"Damn pirates," Shang Tianku drew a gasp. More than three hundred seven evil spirits disappeared in a short time, and the enemy was too powerful. He turned to a seven evil spirits emissary beside him. "Send a message to the commander-in-chief, asking all the seven evil spirits emissaries with a power of ten and more than 200 million to be dispatched, and ask the cabinet owner to mobilize the hardware emissaries."
"Yes, my Lord."
In the dark god pavilion.
"What? Ask for the use of 2.5 billion gold ambassadors? " The dark god roared.
"Yes, Lord. More than 300 seven evil spirits emissaries were all killed when they were hostile to a star. One seven evil spirits emissaries in the left seven groups hastily sent back pieces of information, and their humble position has been confirmed. Among the enemies that were killed, there were high-ranking gods. This is really incredible. There are even high-level gods among the interstellar pirates. In this way, the seven evil spirits will not be able to deal with pirates who deliberately seek trouble. " Seven evil spirits’ emissaries lead the flow of nitrate and knock again. "Master, the ten-power seven evil spirits’ emissaries have all been dispatched, and I believe we can find the thief and pirate soon. At that time, as long as the hardware angel arrived at a circle … "
"All right!" The dark god’s face is uncertain, and there is nothing wrong with sending out the hardware emissary. The function of the hardware emissary is to deal with the high-level gods. It’s just that it seems a little early to start at this time. If that damn pirate high-order god is a middleman in the ten families of the universe, the situation is extremely bad, indicating that the ten families of the universe have paid attention to this secret force in his hand. If not, sending out 2.05 billion gold emissaries will inevitably not disturb the ten families of the universe and lose their secrets. What a dilemma! It happened that this latter situation also had an irresistible temptation, that is, it was absolutely an excellent opportunity to "test whether a group of hardware emissaries could cope with a strange high-level god and kill each other without knowing each other".
Right measurement, left calculation. The dark god finally sent 400 million groups of 2.05 billion gold envoys. Testing combat power is one of the reasons, and the most important thing is that the pirate gods are getting worse and worse. While he was thinking about it, another star city was attacked, and it was reported that the star bombs in the arsenal were looted for several bases. Several floating islands in the virtual world of the Star City were also destroyed. Worst of all, the pursuit of hundreds of Dark God Lianxing Fortress was hit by a drill star, and six of them were damaged. I don’t know what the thief and pirate did to destroy the anti-gravity system of Dark God Lianxing Fortress. Six broken Lianxing forts attract and repel each other, twisting the empty star field, blocking the pursuit of Lianxing fortress in the back, waiting to bypass it, or directly crossing the changing star field, the pirate Lianxing fortress has escaped without a trace.
"This pirate is still a war hand." Dark god day military submission thick added a pen.
The sky is high and birds can fly. The sea is wide with fish jumping, the thorns are walking, and the mountains are roaring with tigers.
The dark god and the dark god army naturally don’t know that Tianxin is doing this, which has great purpose. The first is, of course, to implement the three-system counterattack mechanism; The second is fighting, testing yourself and touching the bottom of God.
Therefore, Tianxin let go of her hands and feet in the dark heaven. With the help of Pang Hong’s divine knowledge, he played with great spirit, dealt with the gods and troops of the dark gods, and learned as much as possible about the various attack methods of the dark gods, so as to exercise the application of large-scale divine knowledge. Study or collect the maximum offensive and defensive data of the tactics and weapons of the dark god, the angel and the army.
With such a destination, of course, I played the highest authority of Dark God, Dark God Pavilion, tearing my hair out. Tianxin is never an enemy of the dark god, heaven and man, and when fewer people come, it ambushes; If there are more people coming, they will flee early. Find another target.
However, heavenly heart has never been easy. The detection of dark gods is more than 100 times stronger than that of Kun Tian’s spiritual world. His every move must be extremely careful. It is not fun to be tracked. This is somebody else’s territory. No matter where there is a slight situation, countless messengers and troops will be accumulated in a short time. If you can’t escape in time, you will fall into inexplicable danger.
It is this kind of care that makes the dark god god not so overwhelmed at any moment. Such a slippery, thousands of miles away without leaving a trace, the enemy that can’t be touched by all the latest tracking methods has really dealt a heavy blow to the dark god, which has frustrated this ambitious guy.
"Gentlemen, what’s the plan?" The first gathering in the conference hall of Dark God Pavilion was the staff of many advisers and brave generals.
"Master of the cabinet, the only solution is to find the root." An aide said.
"What do you mean?"
"Master, the reason why our army and the emissary couldn’t catch this supreme thief and pirate was mainly because they used nomadic tactics." The staff said, "It’s no good following such a super star thief who comes and goes like the wind. We must find out his lair …"
"This plan is not feasible!" The dark god interrupted, "it’s intentional to steal, where there is a nest. Where is the thief, where is the thief’s nest. "
"Uh …..," contribute staff choked.
"Lord, whether can exercise the art of laissez-faire, the pirate’s behavior, is a little kidding us. The more we talk to him, the more he works. As long as we ignore him, he will automatically close the team if he has had enough trouble. " A military official said with awe, and the export words made all the participants sweat.
The veins stood out on the dark god’s face suddenly and violently, and his knuckles were white with his fist. He almost wanted to punch the military official who made this speech out of the dark god pavilion, but he resisted after all. The words of this military official are not pleasant to listen to, but looking back on the experience these days, it is also true. "Is that really the case with the thief and pirate?" Dark god, ask yourself.
"Xu Shuai, you are so naive," the dark god did not fight back, and a staff member fought back for him. "If you don’t catch a star thief, instead, if you are handsome, you are really not afraid that this thief will turn the dark god upside down?"
"Wrong, this handsome not make, is a cunning man, for high. Thousands of stars are far away, leaving no trace.
| move countless, god sent hundreds of billions, showing that the enemy is boundless. At this rate, no! I used to have a plan, playing hard to get. Today, a laissez-faire disregard is not vertical, but arrogant and long-lasting. It will be careless and unprepared, and when the army is well deployed, it will be captured in one fell swoop. "