Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei’s eyes all showed a look of shock. You know, although their cultivation is not very high among the twelve elders, they are also masters of flying upgrades. Now Zhang Zhongxuan casually reached out and grabbed them, and they held his hands without any sense. Naturally, they realized that Zhang Zhongxuan’s cultivation was far above them.
They were pulled to the table by Zhang Chongxuan and sat down. They didn’t know what medicine Zhang Chongxuan sold. They all looked at Zhang Chongxuan and waited for Zhang Chongxuan’s article.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t look at them. Instead, he said to the old lady He by the door, "Why don’t you go and prepare bowls and chopsticks for the two elders?"
Zhang Zhongxuan said. Yilan Sanren, who was playing at the side again, said, "All right, stop. Come here. "
Ruolan’s three daughters came to Zhang Zhongxuan’s side, and Zhang Zhongxuan reached out and pushed Ruolan and Yiju to Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei, saying, "Take care of them." I stretched out my hand and put Jing Mela on my leg.
Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei, looking at each other, turned a deaf ear to old frame on the edge. After all, they were elders in Kunlun, so they naturally measured themselves. Zhang Zhongxuan made it clear that there was a problem. Naturally, the two refused to accept Zhang Zhongxuan’s gift lightly. Qin Kangyuan said, "Mu Ran, if you have something to say, please say it."
Zhang Chongxuan glanced at the two men and said, "Mu Ran has just arrived in Kunlun, and I hope the two uncles can take care of him."
"You are our nephew, take care of needless to say, have to help, I can do it. It will naturally help. " Huo mingwei said.
Zhang Zhongxuan let go of Jing Mei and motioned for Ruolan’s three daughters and Niu Er to go out first. Naturally, the four of them did so and went out.
After watching the four people leave, Zhang Zhongxuan reached into his arms and pulled out an item to show Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei. Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei exclaimed, "Kunlun Order." Said the two men stood up and saluted Zhang Zhongxuan:
"Qin Kangyuan has seen the head."
"Huo Mingwei has seen the head."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "You’re welcome, Sir. Sit down first."
Zhang Chongxuan had the Kunlun Order in hand, and when he saw the Order, he saw the owner. Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei naturally didn’t say much, so they sat down according to Zhang Chongxuan’s meaning.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "The Kunlun Order was still given to me by the master when he first accepted me. He knew that I would have a lot of difficulties in inheriting the position of head, so he left me a bottom. I’m going back to Kunlun on this trip. I think my situation must be clear to my uncles. Uncle Fu has passed away. Needless to say this. However, Uncle Tan openly disobeyed the master’s instructions, and I could have flashed the Kunlun Order directly. But now is the eventful time for my three schools, Kunlun, Shushan and Kongtong. If there is civil strife in Kunlun, it is likely to make my Kunlun fall into an invulnerable place. At the beginning, Master Qian Ding told me, as the heir of Kunlun’s head, to revitalize Kunlun as the most important thing in everything. For this reason, I never flashed the Kunlun Order, and I also promised to compete with Tan Shishu’s niece Hu Na for the position of head.
Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei naturally did not dare to say more, saying, "The master thinks of me in Kunlun, but I am still blessed in Kunlun."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the two stiff people and said with a smile, "Why should Uncle Qin and Uncle Huo be so restrained? Since I have come here to see you today, I just want you to talk easily. Although I have less time in the school, the master has already confessed. Even for Uncle Fu, the master has already confessed. It’s just that trouble has caused everything to change again."
Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei were shocked when they heard Zhang Chongxuan’s words. Since Zhang Chongxuan knew about Fu Shouyi, naturally Zhang Chongxuan should know about what happened between them and Fu Shouyi, and their faces showed unnatural look.
Zhang Zhongxuan understood what they were thinking, and smiled faintly: "Don’t worry, two uncles, what I do in Mu Ran is one and the same. Everything has passed before, and Mu Ran won’t blame them. However, I invite two uncles for this trip. I can say with certainty that I want to be the head of Kunlun, and I need their help."
At this time, there was a knock at the door, and only Liang Kan’s voice came in: "Son, it’s ready."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Bring it in."
As soon as the door opened, Liang Kan and Liang Guang came in with one person each. This is sitting on the side of the Qin Kangyuan and HuoMingWei eyes are straight, intensely staring at the beam and Liang Guang behind people fierce look.
Liang Kan and Liang Guang each stood behind a woman, both of whom were truly beautiful, and their clothes were very matching, which not only showed their gentle and graceful figure, but also made the two women look brighter, so they came in like fairies, and compared with Ruolan, they were naturally one day at a time.
Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei are both old goat in the romantic flowers. There are not a few beautiful women they have seen, but when they see these two women, they still show their longing.
The two women bowed to Zhang Chongxuan Yingying and said, "Yanhui and Huijuan have met the childe."
Liang Guang and Liang Kan on Zhang Chong’s side said, "Go back."
Liang Guang and Liang Kan closed the door and went out.
Zhang Zhongxuan pointed to Yan Hui and Hui Juan and said, "Two uncles, I came from Mu Ran prepared. As long as you help me, how about these two women as a gift from me?"
Qin Kangyuan and Huo Mingwei looked at each other, and they both nodded. It was not that they were accommodating, but that Zhang Chongxuan had made the Kunlun Order accommodating, because Zhang Chongxuan had the Kunlun Order, and this Kunlun owner naturally belonged to Zhang Chongxuan. The two of them did this, and they also complied with it. What’s more, they could add two beautiful women and naturally agreed.
Zhang Zhongxuan stood up and said, "Then you two uncles can enjoy it slowly. By the way, these two women are not people. I collected the land with a lot of money, and the two uncles can dispose of them at will." Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and went out. He doesn’t worry about two people who are not on his side. Although they are lewd, they promised to do things, and naturally they will keep their promises. Moreover, Yan Hui and Ju Juan are people trained by Zhao Zifeng, who are specially placed in charge of various places, and Zhang Fu is absolutely loyal to them. With two women watching, naturally everything will be fine.
When Niu Er, who was standing outside the door, saw Zhang Zhongxuan coming out, he thought about the two women he had just seen. "He won’t give those two women to the two elders, will he? This is really a big deal."
Zhang Zhongxuan took a look at Niu Er, then at Ruolan three people nearby, and said, "Niu Er, keep these three women for yourself."
When Niu Er heard Zhang Chongxuan’s words, he was overjoyed. Even the way should be, watching Zhang Chongxuan leave, Niu Er andao didn’t talk to the wrong person himself, but in his heart, he had decided to fight for Zhang Chongxuan to the death. Looking at the three women on the side, Niu Er ha smiled and hugged Ruolan’s three women and walked towards the other room.
When Zhang Zhongxuan went out, Liang Guang and Liang Zhan came to him and said, "Son, Yi Chunyuan’s mother has already confessed that she will not leave her hands and feet behind."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded, and the person sent by Zhao Zifeng was really good. He said, "Go down, I’ll let you know if something happens."

Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Clever gambling wins
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Clever gambling wins
"Son." Refreshing Niu Er rushed back to Kunlun Mountain early in the morning, and when he saw Zhang Zhongxuan, he hurriedly cried, Niu Er is a man who is good at have it both ways. Yesterday, he saw Liang Zhan and Liang Guang calling him Zhang Zhongxuan’s son. Although he didn’t understand the relationship between Liang Qi and Liang Guang and Zhang Zhongxuan, he still followed suit and called Zhang Zhongxuan’s son.
Zhang Zhongxuan glanced at Niu Er and said, "How did you enjoy yourself last night?"
Niu Er smiled embarrassedly and didn’t reply. Last night, he drove three girls by himself. Although all three girls are veterans of the wind field, Niu Er may really be the second incarnation of the magical cow. The whole person was so fierce that he impressed all three girls. After a one-night fling, he was full of energy and endless happiness.
Zhang Zhongxuan saw Niu Er’s face and knew it was the situation. He said faintly, "Niu Er, since you have followed me, you are blessed, but now I want you to do something."
"Even if you are told, I won’t frown, even if it’s a knife and a mountain on fire." When Niu Er heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he immediately patted his chest and vowed.
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally has a good eye for people. Although this Niu Er looks like an honest man, he is very oily in his heart. As long as he gives him a head and makes him feel safe, he can step on other people’s bodies. He said, "That’s not that serious. I want you to bet with Elder Xu!"
"Bet with Elder Xu!" Niu Er called to get up. Elder Xu in Zhang Zhongxuan’s mouth naturally knew who it was. Elder Xu’s name was Xu Shize, and he was also one of the twelve elders. Xu Shize had no other hobbies but only hobbies. Is gambling, as long as Xu Shize is free, he will bet with people, and the gambling is dark, and the people who bet with him are basically defeated in the end with only a pair of shorts left. This is Xu Shize’s rule. Either don’t gamble, or gamble until there is only one pair of shorts left to stop.
Niu Er hesitated. "Son, I can’t gamble," he said.
Zhang Zhongxuan reached out and took out a dice from his sleeve, saying, "It doesn’t matter if you don’t gamble, as long as you gamble with him. Let Elder Xu throw the dice and you bet. One note or two silver, neither more nor less. " Zhang Zhongxuan said and took out a stack of silver tickets from his sleeve and handed them to Niu Er.
Niu Er took the dice and the silver ticket, counted the silver tickets, and there were actually two hundred thousand. He was also amazed at Zhang Zhongxuan’s generosity.
Zhang Zhongxuan ordered: "If Xu Shize asks about the silver ticket you got, you can say that it’s all right, as long as he can win you 99,992 taels of silver. You can beat him 100% Remember, speak with confidence. " Zhang Zhongxuan patted Niu Er on the shoulder and walked towards the bamboo forest.
In the bamboo forest, there is green, and in the wind, there is a rubbing sound. Many bamboo leaves still have dew on them. In the rising sun, there is a bright light flowing.
With a creaking sound, the hut door in the bamboo forest opened, and Peng Kaiwang came out of the room, looking at Zhang Zhongxuan outside the bamboo forest, and said lightly, "It’s a pleasure to have friends from afar!"
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and strode to the bamboo forest.
There is a table and two chairs in front of the hut. The table is an ordinary table. The chair is an ordinary chair. However, one thing makes these two things together. It looks extraordinary.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the chess game on the table and said, "Uncle Peng’s exquisite chess moves can make Uncle Ou feel shocked step by step, but they leave a chance for him everywhere. This kind of chess is tantamount to playing with himself. Unfortunately, how many people can see through themselves in this world?" Zhang Zhongxuan pulled out a chair and sat on it.
Peng Kaiwang then sat down, looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and smiled: "Old Ou told me last night."
Zhang Zhongxuan gave a cry.
Peng Kaiwang picked up a white chess piece and said, "Life is like chess. Unfortunately, if chess is a dead game, how can it be unfolded?" Peng Kaiwang stretched out his hand and put Bai Zi on the white chess game, which was a win-win. Suddenly, the trend of the whole white game turned into a stand-off game, like a stagnant lake, and the breeze could not blow any ripples.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Peng Changwang with suspicion and said, "Uncle Peng, what is this?"
Peng Kaiwang smiled bitterly and said, "In seven days, I will die."
"Why?" Zhang Zhongxuan said.
Peng Kaiwang glanced at the distance and said, "A long illness has become a disease, and the doom has arrived. Although there is a glimmer of life, it is also in vain."
Zhang Chongxuan looked at Peng Kaiwang’s empty lower limbs and knew what Peng Kaiwang had pointed out. Although Peng Kaiwang was a master in the soaring period, his double illness on his leg was treated for many years, but it worsened. If Zhang Chongxuan was willing to use the medicine he knew in the celestial world with the practice of Dan medicine, it would be a cinch to save Peng Kaiwang. However, Zhang Chongxuan could not save Peng Kaiwang, and Peng Kaiwang would not let him save it.
"I was going to talk to Ou Lao last night, but it’s a pity that your greeting stopped me. I don’t know whether to thank you or blame you." Peng Changwang stretched out his hand and sucked into the hut, and immediately flew out of two jars of wine, holding one altar by himself, while the other altar landed firmly in front of Zhang Zhongxuan.
Zhang Zhongxuan tore open the seal paper, and immediately a strong smell of alcohol came. He looked at the calm wine noodles and said, "If you want the lake to be calm, don’t touch it."
"You should have gone to see Lao Qin and Lao Huo last night." Peng Kaiwang, who took a sip of wine, casually said, his eyes shining.
Zhang Zhongxuan wanted to drink, but when he heard Peng Kaiwang’s words, he stopped, glanced at Peng Kaiwang and affirmed, "Not bad." Say that finish a mouthful of wine to drink in the altar.
Peng Kaiwang nodded and said, "I want to come, too, but although Lao Qin and Lao Huo are lewd, they are still very opinionated in dealing with major issues. You can easily shake the foundation laid by Lao Fu. I think you must have used something. Well, let me think, if it’s right, it’s Kunlun Ling."