The soldiers walked step by step to the enemy lines with guns and cats around their waists, and the lines were not in a mess. They were absolutely veterans of the past.
However, when they were about to reach the front of the local position, they found that their artillery fire had not stopped, and many soldiers stopped unconsciously. Only then did their officers reprimand them, not only asking them not to stop, but also asking them to charge as fast as possible.
The soldiers were surprised, but the officers had rushed with the confidence of death. The middle and senior officers put on their swords, and the junior officers took out their pistols and strode forward, shouting all kinds of shouts. It was meaningless to cheer themselves up. Later, an officer said that he wanted to call his soul so that he could find his way home after his death.
I saw the officer rushing to the front slope of the enemy position and then being bombarded by our own shells, causing heavy casualties.
Zhang Shan sighed and put the telescope. He really couldn’t bear to look again, only to find that Deng Shicai was looking forward to looking ahead. He suddenly found that the war had changed his friend too much.
Some officers died after artillery fire, and their soldiers crawled into the crater without leading their horses, and they rushed forward blindly. Often, there are more people in hell, and people can choose the screen at this time, regardless of patriotism, loyalty and loyalty.
In a short span of about 100 meters, they directly passed through the artillery fire and died, but finally a group of soldiers rushed to the enemy line, followed by the second team and the third team’s main force rushed to visually inspect them. At this time, they had already suffered more than half of the casualties and paid the price of 5,000 people. They finally rushed into the enemy position.
Zhang Shan watched Deng Shicai not move his horse and ordered the rear to stop the shelling. At this time, he saw that the fighters had occupied a short position. The horse put all his eggs in one basket, one army and one army went in, and soon tore a kilometer from the enemy position.
A large number of troops were put into it, and this breakthrough was constantly expanding, and soon it was expanded to three kilometers and five kilometers, and then the army was pressed.
More than 200,000 people quickly took control of this five-kilometer position, then reinforced and defended the enemy’s counterattack, and at the same time extended the American position to the east. The American position was composed of two parallel positions, one east and one west. It was extremely cruel to occupy both positions at the same time. Now it is planned to extend this breakthrough to the east, dig trenches and build new defensive positions, divide the enemy into two parts, the north and the south, and try to further compress it.
Every time the position was extended to the east inch by inch, it was stubbornly blocked by the US military, but every time the US military was beaten back until it was close to the eastern front of the US military, and then it was attacked by the outer army on both sides and paid a heavy price to take the broken position and completely cut off the US defense line.
At this time, it has been two months since Zhu Jinglun gave it to Deng Shicai, and he will have one month to end the battle. Look at the refreshment and go to [vertex network O].
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Section seven hundred and seventy-five Houston conference (5)
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Now, the US military has been cut into two parts, which can’t take care of both the beginning and the end. In the besieged northern encirclement, it is difficult for the US military to retreat, which leads to the formation of two encirclement. The forces in the two encirclement are very different. There are more than 500,000 people in the north and millions in the south. @++www* C
The difference is that most of the wounded and sick were abandoned in the process of American retreat, which led to more than 200 thousand wounded and sick among more than 500 thousand people in the north. It can be said that the northern half was abandoned by the American army itself
At the same time, during the retreat, a large number of American troops were killed and the organizational system was disrupted, and many of them became prisoners.
After finding out this situation, Deng Shicai and Zhang Shan thought that it was not difficult for the US troops in the northern defense circle to abandon the theory, annihilate them or force them to surrender, so they decided to shift the focus of the attack to the north, defend and continue to besiege the US troops in the south.
The U.S. military doesn’t want to see itself divided, but their fighting will gradually collapse. When they muster up the greatest courage to break through, they have no fighting will, but surrender is not an option after all. First, they still have enough supplies to run out of ammunition. The second million people surrendered, which has no precedent in human history. This has put strong pressure on officers. No one is willing to do this. The first person is not willing to accept this humiliation. Faced with such humiliation, they would rather die.
When they found that it was a foregone conclusion to be divided into two sections, they organized a large-scale transfer to the south, because most of the materials were in the southern port area, where there was a large-scale logistics warehouse, some were pre-war commercial warehouses, and some were built in wartime, where there were enough materials to support them for one year
However, with the abandonment of the north and the transfer to the south, the American soldiers were flustered and a large number of troops were disrupted, and it was difficult to restore their combat effectiveness in the short term. At this time, they heard the secret artillery and obviously abandoned it, and the north became the key target of the army
The battle was over in three days, and the heavy shelling in the army didn’t require the death squads to risk their lives. The charge reduced most of the troops, but the defensive scope was greatly increased. The US military had completed the French defense and many positions were blasted by the army. After the army broke through, the US military chose to surrender in the northern encirclement.
At this time, the army discovered that there were more than 100,000 black troops, more than 100,000 Hispanic troops and some new immigrants from Italy and Greece, which were also miscellaneous troops in the US military. Obviously, they were abandoned by the main force of the US military.
Captured 500,000 miscellaneous brands and wounded patients is not a brilliant victory, but it is worth exaggerating. In fact, China launched a secret propaganda before they cut off the US military. It has been suffering in the war for three years. The people need victory too much to tell them why they stick to it. They need to know that their persistence is rewarded.
At the same time, the Americans once again sent out peace talks and demanded that they be conveyed through Britain. After that, the official reply refused to accept the negotiations unless the legitimate interests of the Chinese were restored.
When diplomatic interaction is needed, big military operations continue.
After the annihilation of the American army in the north, the strength of the American army was not too great. It can be said that they abandoned the wounded and sick and the miscellaneous troops, and their fighting will rose relatively, thus shrinking the encirclement. After that, their defensive density also increased greatly, and there were more troops per kilometer of front.
However, it is not so good for the big ones. After the encirclement has been narrowed, the density of big attacks has also increased greatly. The most important point is that most of the narrow port area is covered by military artillery, which can be extended to the US military positions.
A large number of artillery shells don’t cost money to pour into the US military, because many of them are captured and destroyed by the US military equipment, which is better than the military’s own artillery shells. Although it is sufficient, it is expensive after all. Save it.
At the same time, the shelling did not forget to issue a single order. The US military has been surrounded for a year. They have been disconnected from the outside world and received no external orders and no external news. This allows the military to make a big fuss, for example, telling them that the southern States of the United States have fallen, and the main force of the army has been fighting in Washington. They have been abandoned by the US government and asked them to surrender as soon as possible, and they can still save their lives.
And mobilized prisoners to write letters to tell their comrades in the encirclement that they had been well taken care of in the prison camp, and they had hot dishes and hot meals and the wounded were treated.
The lethality of these letters is enormous, because the artillery bombards the US military positions, and the officers can control the soldiers to go to these letters. Many people suddenly see that they really wrote letters from their comrades in the past, and they can review some experiences of their former battles. It is no longer a terrible thing for many soldiers to surrender as prisoners with familiar people.
At night, American soldiers secretly crossed the trench and went to the military position in hands in the air. In the propaganda letter, the army stipulated the way of surrender for them, leaving several ways of surrender. There are no mines in these passages, but the defense density here is very high to prevent the American troops from breaking through.
The army obviously overestimated the determination of the US military to break through. At this time, the US military stationed in the port area had no fighting spirit, and once again returned to the time of fighting rebellion. However, because it was purely defensive and trapped, there was no large-scale rebellion to shoot one or two officers who abused themselves. This kind of thing still happened all day.
In general, this is an army on the verge of collapse, but sometimes it will definitely be wiped out, but the problem is how Deng Shicai can ask Zhu Jinglun for instructions. He promised to accept the US government’s negotiation request when he insisted.
However, it was revealed to Deng Shicai that even during the negotiation period, the fighting was not over, that is to say, Deng Shicai was relieved that he was no longer in a hurry to organize an attack, but made a big-scale reward in the army for those soldiers who had signed up for the national army to award various honors and medals. Of course, there would be no shortage of promises of subsidies, public distribution, a month’s holiday for them to go to the rear and a holiday in Mexico.
At this time, Deng Shicai is in a good mood, and people’s situation is often like this. Just when you feel that it is the most difficult time, you will take a deep breath and rush over. You will find that suddenly, when you feel difficult, your enemy is equally difficult.
Deng Shicai organized 300,000 death squads to penetrate the US military positions, and suddenly found that the Americans had become their own fruits and could be picked at any time. But before that, he really felt that he had reached the limit. In fact, it was mainly his own mentality. Now think about it, even if the French and American troops continued to blockade and encircle at that time, they might not be able to annihilate this enemy during the negotiation period, but at that time, the situation made him completely confident and felt that Tampa was a military failure without considering that kind of problem.
Now he suddenly let go and suddenly realized that he was worried for nothing.