"Hey …" The other party didn’t seem to move, and a white light lit up, which easily blocked the firm but gentle of Sang Feilong.
Outside, four people in red, still covered with spectre masks, just came in, body, seems to be with a cold murderous look.
"Do you want to do it?" Sang Feilong shouted.
"It’s just killing people." Headed by the red people sneer at, talking at the same time, he a big hand, directly toward ChuYan habitat caught up.
"Ah?" ChuYan habitat busy retreat unceasingly, suspicious in the heart, their own place to offend these red people, the last time not far away, this time, actually keep up with him again, it is obvious that the goal of the red people is him, not the mulberry flying dragon or infinite, not thirteen.
Thirteen stamped his foot, and now it was too late to leave. He immediately called, "Mr. Promise, you take childe Chu to Yunmeng Lake, and I, Jiu Ge, will meet you at Yunmeng Lake. Big childe Sang, please stay and stop them with me."
"good!" Sang Feilong didn’t say much, although he didn’t know the origin of Thirteen, but now such a situation is in front of him, he must join hands with Thirteen.
Infinite attached to words too lazy to say more, directly with ChuYanQi want to move out, but at this time, a red light, the room, unexpectedly appeared a red optical network, infinite with ChuYanQi, heavy bump up.
ChuYan habitat only feel as if there is a blade across the skin, pain he almost cried out on the spot, and the infinite is worse than him, palm and body, were injured by the red net, blood all over it.
"This … trap?" Infinite leng ran way.
"It’s really insightful." The red robe leader sneered, and while talking, with a wave of his long sword, a firm but gentle sword had been chopped at Chu Yanqi, saying, "Today is bound to slay this Uber."
ChuYanQi hurried back, close to the net again, and the infinite hands blue light flashing, meet the red man.
"We have one person, and the fifth one will kill the demon of Chu Yanqi first." The leader in the red robe shouted loudly, "There is a net, I am not afraid that he will run away."
ChuYan habitat secretly complain unceasingly, he didn’t provoke these red people, for repeatedly call him uber? And this time, thirteen and Sang Feilong, two people, have done their best to fight with the other two red people. For a while, in a small room, it was colorful and bright.
Led by the red man and the infinite fight inseparable, and another red man, step by step towards Chu Yanqi approximation.
Although ChuYan habitat can’t practice, however, the red man is afraid to treat sth lightly. After all, when ChuYan lived in a restaurant, he killed the Taoist priest, but it was also a means.
ChuYanQi sigh, long sleeves waved, side array flag, inserted in the ground, black gas instantly spread.
"Come again!" The red man sneered.
In the next second, Chu Yanqi suddenly knew that it was not good. He was abruptly isolated from the array flag. A dazzling white light lit up, golden and bright, just like the radiance of the sun, and the black ShaQi, which was originally solidified by the array flag, was dispersed in an instant. That’s not to mention, where the golden light went, the array flag refined by Chu Yanqi actually began to burn.
"Master, call the bodhi old zu quickly." Infinite urgency, with this trend, the other party is all-in-one, and the net doesn’t know it’s a baby, so it can trap them all and can’t break through. At this time, he is completely helpless, and the only thing he can think of is to ask the bodhi old zu for help.
Chu Yanqi watched the array flag burn, and then turned into ashes. When he really wanted to cry, he really couldn’t understand in his heart. Is that a magic weapon, so powerful, that it can burn the array flag that he exercised with the black dragon of Moyu?
But this time, it was not for him to think much. He immediately pointed a little, and the summoner left by Mr. Cang had turned into a blue light and flew out.
"Ha ha …" The red man sneered. "Don’t you know that even if you pass notes, you can’t break through the net."
It seems that in order to verify the words of the red man, when the blue light hit the net, it immediately made a sound of "pa", and then the blue light disappeared, and the net was still there.
ChuYan perched on his hands and made a series of finger knots, and the aura around him was dragged over and condensed into a whirlpool. Then, the whirlpool bombarded the red man.
"It’s no use!" The red man sneered, while talking, he pointed a little, and the mirror-like multiplier just now once again showed Guanghua, where the golden light went, and the whirlpool formed by reiki condensed disappeared again.
"Why is this?" ChuYanQi leng ran, this is completely unreasonable?
However, the multiplier in the man’s hand is too powerful. It seems that all his attacks are in vain.
"Stop it!" In the hands of the red man, a red laser scalpel, Guanghua throughput, so on ChuYan habitat’s neck.
ChuYanQi only wry smile, want to come this time, he is run.
"Stop it!" This time, it was ChuYan who shouted stop.
And this time, although the promise and thirteen have firmly gained the upper hand, Sang Feilong and another red man almost just tied, which surprised Chu Yanqi.
Hearing Chu Yanqi’s cry, Wuji hurried back to avoid the attack of the red-robed man. At first glance, he was in a hurry and shouted, "You want to do it, let my master go."
Thirteen hurried back, and the moonlight beheaded the red man who was holding ChuYanQi.
"Don’t want him to die, stop it honestly." Red people sneer at a way, so the red laser scalpel is mounted on ChuYan habitat’s white neck. As long as the spirit force in his hand spits out slightly, ChuYan habitat’s head will move.

Chapter one hundred and ninety The green elves (1)
Sang Feilong hurried back. He was really afraid that these people were vicious and killed Chu Yanqi directly, so he didn’t dare to start work at all.
Wuji was even more anxious than he was. Looking at the red light knife rest around Chuyanqi’s neck, he felt that the knife was as uncomfortable as stabbing in his chest. Where did he dare to start work?
Thirteen took two steps back and just looked at the four men.
"What do you want?" Sang Feilong calmed down for a while. After all, he had some knowledge. Thinking that since these people didn’t directly kill Chu Yanqi, they should have something to ask, they immediately said, "If you want Dan medicine, it’s all good to say. Please don’t hurt my young master."
He immediately made it clear that it was easy to discuss whether to ask for pills, lingshi and medicinal materials.
Wuji stepped back toward ChuYanQi side, ready to aim at the opportunity, immediately begin, save ChuYanQi first.
"Stop, pale big childe?" The red man sneered.
"Yes, but I’m just a slave around Childe Chu." Wuji said with a wry smile, "After a slave loses his master, it is usually very tragic. There is a saying that describes it this way."
"Oh?" The man in red asked, "How do you describe it?"
"I am as worried as a lost dog." Infinite sighed, "think of a dog without a home, without its owner, it is always in a state of fear, let alone a person?" So I don’t know, if you kill my master, I will do something. "
"Cangda childe, are you threatening?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The red-robed man, led by him, sneered, "As the eldest son of the imperial court, Your Royal Highness, you actually mixed up to be a slave?"
"I’d love to!" Wuji just said, "It’s none of your business."
"I really can’t control it, but now your master is in my hands." Led by the red man said.
"Well, what do you want?" Promise sighed, "I am not the emperor of Cang Yu dynasty, at least not now." So, if you lions talk big, I don’t think you can pay too much ransom to save my master. "
Chu Yanqi has a feeling of crying and laughing. Is this all? By feeling, these people in red should want his life. Instead of threatening everyone with him. Let them pay a huge ransom, that’s what thirteen people do.