Last month, Entertainment Italia also conducted a special survey "Who do you think is the best player to be a boyfriend?". The respondents were 1000 Italian women aged 18 to 38. The final result of the survey is that Kaka ranks first with 38% of the votes, and the second place is Domonica of Naples. He came second with 36% of the votes. But if you think about it, Kaka has lived in Italy for six years, and Domenica has just landed in Italy. You’ll be surprised that Dominica came second.
This game is also the first time that two super handsome guys met at the stadium, which attracted many female fans to watch the game. According to the official data of the San Siro Stadium, the number of female fans present today has increased by 300%. Milan, Naples and even all the bars in Italy. In the open-air square with a big screen, all the places where you can see the game, those male fans are surprised to find that they are not around.
At that time, countless groups of women appeared. Or bright, or beautiful, or glamorous. But they have one thing in common. Whenever there is a picture of Kaka or Dommonica on the screen, they will cheer without any image. The male fans next to him can only sigh with emotion: a woman like a nymphomaniac! ! !
In the world of female fans, handsome guys always rank first. You mustn’t discuss with them what 442433. They won’t be interested, because they only have eyes for handsome men. They can know what kind of underwear Beckham wears and what brand of shampoo Kaka uses. But they may not know what club Beckham and Kaka play for. This is the woman, and this is the female fan. You can say that they don’t know the ball, but you have to admit that they are also a beautiful landscape in the world of fans.
So when Qinan and Kaka met for the first time in this game, there were "sweet" screams in the stands of San Siro, bars in major Italian cities and in front of the big screen in the square. The decibel is so high that others look askance. Crazy woman, horrible woman. This is probably the common idea of male fans around these female fans.
As a midfielder, Qinan’s position today is just opposite Kaka. Rhea warned him before the game that Kaka must not be rushed up. Because Kaka’s continuous passing or passing ability in high speed is the first in the world. Qinan has seen several videos of Kaka playing football before, so he also knows the power of Kaka. In fact, Zinan often plays football like this now, which is another important reason why Italian media like to compare him with Kaka.
Qinan clung to Kaka, making him uncomfortable to hold the ball, let alone pass anyone. Although Kaka is taller than Qinan, Qinan is better than Kaka in strength and speed. Kaka made several fake moves in a row, but failed to get rid of Qinan, so he had to pass the ball to Ronaldinho who came up to meet him. In the eyes of female fans, the first encounter between two peerless handsome guys ended with "Duo Shuai" beating "Ka Shuai".
"Ha ha, Kaka, who seeks defeat in solitude, finally met his enemy this time. Dommonica in Naples is likely to be the enemy of his life. Of course, if Domenica moves to Milan, it is another matter. Seeing the two of them meet, not to mention the female fans, even we feel "eye-catching"! !” Mazzola’s words spoke for the majority of female fans.
"But Kaka is not so easy to defend, and Milan has Ronaldinho’s front waist besides Kaka." David Luo saw that Kaka, whom he supported, had fallen behind and had to defend him.
Sure enough, he didn’t talk about Ronaldinho, and Ronaldinho proved what he said with his actions.
I’m having a hard time with Hamsik. Ronaldinho twisted his "rich" ass and danced a samba for Hamsik. Hamsik was so dizzy that he suddenly accelerated through his defense. Just as Ronaldinho was preparing to go straight into the penalty area, a vigorous figure suddenly stood in front of him. It was Qina who made up the defense.
God! ! ! ! What a fast speed. Ronaldinho was surprised. Just now, I clearly saw him defending Kaka on the right. How did he suddenly appear in the middle of the penalty area? Ronaldinho tried to get rid of Qinan with the unpredictable fake action like just shaking Hamsik. But obviously he miscalculated. Domonica in front of him was not confused by his fake actions at all. At the moment when the football was slightly out of his control, Domonica made a neat tackle and broke the football under his feet.
Joke! ! If even such a fake action can easily fool Qinan, then Qinan will not be the Qinan who was called "the first person in Cuju" by the emperor. As far as ball control is concerned, Qinan’s ability to control the ball will never be worse than Ronaldinho’s. It can even be said that it is not necessarily better than Ronaldinho. Qinan is probably the best person in the world to judge when the ball is really out of the opponent’s control.
"God, it’s incredible that Domonica" exploded "Kaka and Ronaldinho alone. This genius from China’s strength in defense is no worse than his strength in attack. I’m afraid there’s no one else but Domonica. " Mazzola is becoming more and more like Comrade Morrow.
"This game has just begun. That was just a coincidence. " David Luo next to him couldn’t stand it anymore, so he whispered a sentence. David Luo put his eyes on the ongoing game again.
Volume III
Chapter 137-Leading
To judge the first nine rounds of Serie A this season, it is best to see that 80% of the fans think it is AC Milan, Kaka’s forever noble surprise like a prince, Ronaldinho’s enchanting dribbling like an elf, Pirlo’s passing with a combination of feet and feet, as beautiful as long and short sentences in the stadium poem, and Pato, a "beautiful man" who scores more elegantly than picking flowers. AC Milan showed the fans the classical and beautiful "artistic" football that controls the ball. At the San Siro, in every away game in Milan, passing has become an art, with beauty everywhere and murderous look on my face. The perfect lineup and perfect configuration have made the first nine rounds of AC Milan League visually brilliant.
But today things are a little different, because they met unreasonable Neapolitans. In the dressing room, Rhea made a strategy for the team, which was to destroy Milan’s elegant possession with the craziest snatch. When you see Napoli striker Dennis scrambling for the ball around Pirlo, you will know what kind of resistance the Milan people have encountered.
Pirlo turned around and pulled, avoiding Dennis’s gambling tackle. He looked up at the position of his teammate in front, kicked a beautiful arc with his right foot, and accurately sent the ball to Ronaldinho’s foot in the middle. Milan’s midfielder Pirlo is one of the few technical midfielders in today’s football. He is as elegant and elegant as Lei Dongduo, and as diligent and hardworking as Emerson. Handsome face, perfect western skin, affectionate eyes and gods have incomparable self-confidence, and elegant hairstyle gives people an elegant and noble feeling. His accurate passing and elegant organization set off the splendor of Milan. Anyone familiar with Pirlo knows that. In fact, Pirlo was born in the front waist, which made him practice delicate footwork. But he was always depressed at Inter Milan. After moving to AC Milan, Ancelotti put him in the midfield position, which also opened the door to success for Pirlo. Since the 02: 00 season, Ancelotti has tailored a new Pirlo, and the new Pirlo has also detonated a new Milan. Pirlo gradually stepped into the ranks of masters with his almost perfect penalty shooting skill, long-range shooting like a full moon machete and superb organizational skills. In the back position, Pirlo plays like a front waist. Just pass more, and a quick kick often makes the opponent tired. For AC Milan, Pirlo is the brain and engine of the team. Milan with Pirlo and without Pirlo can be said to be completely two teams. Therefore, whether in Milan or in the Italian national team, Pirlo is indispensable.
Rhea also knows what Pirlo means to Milan, so today he specially sent Montevino, who has good defensive consciousness and better man-marking ability, to guard Milan’s brain. Montevino followed Pirlo from the beginning of the game. In fact, Montevino also knows that it is difficult to completely watch Pirlo with his ability. He can only stick to Pirlo with his body as much as possible, and use constant harassment to interfere with Pirlo to organize Milan’s attack
As a midfielder, Pirlo’s height of 1.77 meters and slightly weak body do not meet the traditional standards of the midfielder, because it determines that his defensive ability cannot be very good. Actually. His weak defensive ability has really criticized many people, and Ancelotti also knows this weakness of Pirlo, so under normal circumstances, he will specially configure two powerful protectors for Milan engines. The protectors of Pirlo in this game are Gattuso and Flamini.
In the eighth minute of the game, Montevino finally broke a ball from Pirlo’s feet, but he was not happy for too long, and the ball was broken back by a fierce shovel from a Milan player with a full face of lost face. Montevino is no stranger to this Milan player. He is Gattuso, who is known as the butcher of Milan. In the eyes of fans, Gattuso is a player with a different style of playing football. He lacks the lightness of the Latin, and the tall physique of the Italian is more like an Englishman, who is always tireless and running all over the field. Gattuso once said: "On the court, I am a fighter, and this will never change." Although Gattuso is not tall, he dares to shovel and is not ashamed of being taken over by the other side. Gattuso’s shocking defensive data comes not only from his high efficiency, but also from his perseverance. This positive and tenacious style has become the reason why many coaches like him. Milan has a Gattuso who can’t run away, which is a joke among Italian fans. Indeed, I’m afraid it’s hard for people to find a player like Gattuso in AC Milan who can run from the start of the game to the final whistle, from the front line to the front door to help defend, and always run around the field. Ac Milan
Ronaldinho, Kaka and Pirlo are delicate players, but they are not good at hard hands, so Gattuso is a little rough, but Gattuso has always occupied a seat in the main lineup of AC Milan, because "engineers" like him are indispensable to the team.
Fifteen minutes into the game, if someone asks the fans who are the busiest people on the field now, he will definitely tell you that it must be Domenica and Gattuso. In Naples, Domenica put out fires everywhere, while in Milan, Gattuso can be seen chasing Neapolitans everywhere.
However, everyone with discerning eyes can see that Domonica’s busyness is much more important than Gattuso’s busyness, because Zinan not only has to defend Milan’s attack, but also has to shoulder the heavy responsibility of organizing his own team’s attack. In fact, he is equivalent to playing the role of two people, Pirlo and Gattuso.
Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti sat on the sidelines and looked at the court with a straight face. But if you look closely, you will find that his eyes will stay on Domenica of Naples from time to time. What a brilliant genius! ! ! Ancelotti was secretly praised. He had heard about Domenica for a long time. At first, he thought that Domenica was just blown out by Neapolitans. Now I have a look with my own eyes, and I know that it is worthy of the name. Watching Domenica end Milan’s attack again and again on the court and send threatening passes to Napoli’s attack line again and again. Carlo Ancelotti suddenly became extremely jealous of Rhea. Why was such a genius picked up by Neapolitans?
And Ancelotti is so jealous of Rhea, which is also related to Milan’s future. Pirlo is over 30 and his career has begun to decline. Gattuso also began to run less actively than in previous seasons because of his age. What a happy thing it would be if a player like Domenica joined us at this time! ! ! ! Look at Domenica on the field now, he is simply a combination of Pirlo and Gattuso. Defensively, although he is not as fierce as Gattuso, his card position prediction is more accurate. Offensively, although he is slightly worse than Pirlo in the overall situation, his passing accuracy is better than Pirlo’s. Up to now, Domenica’s backcourt pass, whether it is a short-distance pass or a long pass over 50 meters, has rarely made mistakes. And the overall situation can be improved with the increase of competition experience. Don’t forget, Dominica is only twenty-one years old. Carlo Ancelotti is excited to think about it now. If Domenica joins AC Milan, Milan’s lineup will be perfect. Coupled with the current staffing, Ancelotti can guarantee that Milan can dominate Serie A for at least five years. This idea is out of control, and Ancelotti can’t wait to call Galliani, the real vice president of the team’s management, to discuss the introduction of Dommonica during the winter break. He believes that Galliani must have such an idea, too, because he is sitting in the VIP box at the top of the San Siro to watch the ball. He must have seen Monica’s perfect performance twenty minutes before the game.
Just as Ancelotti was thinking about how to dig a corner from Naples, his "Mr. Right" Domenica led Naples to score first in the San Siro.
In the 28th minute of the game, Kaka finally began to seek cooperation with his compatriot Ronaldinho after playing against Dommonica several times without taking advantage. Kaka made a few fake moves with the ball, but Dommonikas, who was defending him, was unmoved. In desperation, he had to give the ball to Ronaldinho on the left side of his body. After passing the ball out, Kaka began to speed up and try to make a one-on-one match with Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho also got the message and immediately pushed the ball to Kaka’s front after receiving it. The cooperation between the two people can’t be said to be tacit, but it is still seen through by Qina. Qinan ran after Kaka and then an acceleration blocked Kaka behind him, successfully breaking Ronaldinho’s pass. Kaka, who was intercepted by the ball, didn’t come up to fight back, just waved his hand at Ronaldinho in annoyance. This gave Qinan enough time and space to observe his teammates’ positions. Qinan took a two-step accurate straight plug through Milan’s entire defense line and hit behind Milan’s two central defenders. Dennis rushed out in front of Maldini who was watching him when Qinan passed the ball. Just in time for Qinan’s direct plug, the Argentine striker didn’t even stop the ball. He pushed the ball along and the ball rolled smoothly into the lower right corner of AC Milan’s goal.
Naples actually led by one goal at the San Siro Stadium away from home! !
Volume III
Chapter 138-Pirlo’s elevator free kick
Qinan assisted Dennis into the reception with a straight ball as accurate as a scalpel. Ancelotti’s expression appeared a little inexplicable trance, and a figure in the depths of his memory inadvertently appeared in his mind. Domenica’s elegant pace, wonderful ability to read the game, and gorgeous direct ball are all like a person. That is the former disciple, Rui, a generation of midfield master who is called "the most classical beauty" by fans. Costa. Just now, Domenica’s wonderful straight plug was like a replica of Rui’s shocking "60 short pass" that tore Real Madrid’s defense in the 40 minutes of the 2002-03 Champions League match between Milan and Real Madrid, and helped Shevchenko score the only goal in the whole game. When this classic scene reappeared in the world, Ancelotti found that something called sadness was slowly flowing in his mood. For Rui Costa, Ancelotti has always been nostalgic. Memory is easy to blur, and vision is easy to blur, but everything Rui Costa brought to Milan has been kept in Carlo Ancelotti’s memory. All the time! ! ! ! Rui, are you okay now? At this moment, Ancelotti is not angry because of Napoli’s goal, but immersed in a world of sad memories.
While the Napoli players were celebrating wildly on the field, the Milan players looked at the coach to see what new tactical instructions Carlo Ancelotti would give, but to their surprise, the coach Carlo Ancelotti sat there quietly without any instructions. The expression on his face is very strange, giving people the feeling that he is thinking about something. However, the Milan players did not panic after being stunned. As professional players, especially Milan players, they will read the game according to their own judgment. Especially they have Ronaldinho and Kaka. An experienced player like Pirlo. Sometimes, they are their own coaches.
Therefore, Napoli’s advanced goal did not make Milan’s formation have the slightest confusion, but aroused their stronger offensive desire.
Ronaldinho takes the ball in the middle, and it is still Hamsik who defends him this time. After playing for so long, Ronaldinho has seen that Rhea’s idea is to guard Kaka and him with Domenica and Hamsik respectively. Domenica defends Kaka. At present, Hamsik defends him. However, he is not afraid of the opponent’s "candy" defense. Ronaldinho leisurely tugged at the foot of the football, and suddenly it started. The Brazilian’s super explosive power made Hamsik helpless. He was preparing to chase after Ronaldinho who had already roared away, and someone had already helped him make up for his mistakes. It was Qinan’s oblique stab that killed a clean flying shovel and shoveled Ronaldinho’s ball out of the sideline. Ronaldinho looked at Qinan with the eyes of aliens. God, is this really a player "produced" by China?
"Thank you, Domonica." Hamsik walked over to Qinan and said a few words while Milan had not served the touchline ball.
"It’s okay. This is what I should do. We are teammates. Ronaldinho is really not alone. I can’t blame you for this. Well, the game has started. Keep going! ! !” JiNa face calmly patted Hamsik on the head, and ran to his defensive area.
Hamsik looked at the back of Jina running away, and Ronaldinho’s heart suddenly calmed down. Domenica has a special temperament. He is always so calm and calm. It seems that nothing on the football field can move him. He always gains the trust of his teammates with his actions. With him by your side. You will feel particularly at ease. It seems that no matter what bad situation, you can go to customer service. Is this the legendary leader temperament? Hamsik thought to himself. Seeing that Ronaldinho started attacking with the ball again, Hamsik rushed to keep an eye on the elf-like Brazilian.
At this time, Ancelotti finally woke up from his memories. Although he was a little distracted just now, he still saw the situation on the court. I saw Kaka and Ronaldinho being stared at by Napoli’s two midfielders. He shouted a few words and then made a gesture that only Milan players could understand.
Sure enough, Milan’s attack means began to change, and Milan’s left-back jankulovski suddenly assisted. Jankulovski, a left-back from Czech Republic, is a player with excellent left-footed skills. There is no position from left-back to left-winger that he is not qualified for. Jankulovski has excellent physical fitness. Outstanding skills, often inserted assists to score points. Originally, Napoli relied on Domenica’s excellent defense in the middle to resist Milan’s attack, but jankulovski’s sudden insertion on the left immediately broke the balance. Milan’s attack on the left has formed a numerical advantage in the situation. And Dominica and
There is no way for Dick to leave Kaka and Ronaldinho to defend the Czechs.
Jankulovski came up too suddenly, so he took the ball to the left front of Naples in just over ten seconds, and Napoli defender grava rushed forward to stop the Czechs. However, the Milan left-back passed the ball with a touch as delicate as that of a striker, which made grava close the air.
Naples’s left defense is empty! ! ! ! ! !
Without the slightest hesitation, jankulovski resolutely continued to take the ball and prepared to insert it into the restricted area. In desperation, grava had to trip over the Czechs with his feet behind him.
The referee’s whistle sounded in time. Amid the overwhelming boos of 80,000 Milan fans in Sao Paulo, the referee gave grava a yellow card and awarded Milan a free kick on the left side of the penalty area.
It was an excellent free kick only more than 20 meters away from the goal. Milan’s free kick players are very talented. Ronaldinho, Kaka and Pirlo are all good free kicks, so these three people are standing in front of the goal now.
Now three people are gathered together to discuss how to punish this free kick. After some communication, the three men stood separately, with Ronaldinho on the left, Pirlo in the middle and Kaka on the right. Waiting for the referee to blow the whistle that can kick off.
All the Italian balls are served. Napoli didn’t give Milan any chance in the sports war. Now we can only rely on the set-pieces to see if we can break their goal.
Naples knows the free-kick skills of these three people, so they deliberately discharged the human wall of seven people to show their attention. Qina is now standing among these seven people, covering the crotch with one hand and the face with the other. He has no special training in this field, just watching his teammates do the same, just following suit.
After the referee’s whistle, the three Milan free-kick players in front of the ball began to move. Pirlo ran first, then Ronaldinho, and then Kaka. The three men didn’t run at the same time, but there were a certain number of them to kick the ball. So when Pirlo drew the ball with his right foot, no one moved the wall in Naples, and goalkeeper Lezzo didn’t respond. The ball crossed the top of the Neapolitan wall and made a strange arc into the gate of Naples.
Elevator free kick! ! ! ! Pirlo’s unique trick-elevator free kick! ! ! !
Elevator free kick, named after a comment in Gazzetta dello Sport: "It quickly rises to the sixth floor, but then drops to the first floor, just like an elevator controlled by feet", said Gazzetta dello Sport after the 2006-07 season. This metaphor is really vivid enough. The slow motion on the big screen of the stadium shows that the free kick from Pirlo hardly rotates in the air when it flies from the foot, and then rises to a suitable height and then drops rapidly. Lezzo has already entered the net without even making a save. Lecce goalkeeper Sicignano, who had been defeated by this kind of free kick, said this after Pirlo’s free kick broke the goal: "Pirlo’s free kick was very strange. I saw the ball fly to my left. I tried to move to this side, but it suddenly changed direction and flew into the net from my other side. If you give me another chance, I will definitely not move ahead of time. I will pray to God that the ball will fall directly into my arms. " ……”。 Sicignano still has time to make a judgment, but our poor Lezzo didn’t even know which direction Pirlo’s free kick was flying this time, and the ball was already in the net.
As soon as the ball was in the air, Pirlo made a gesture of celebration. When the ball fell into the goal, the whole San Siro became a ring on his hand, which was his usual celebration gesture. He was followed by his teammates who came running to congratulate him. Kaka, Ronaldinho, Pato, captain Maldini. Ronaldinho playfully kissed Pirlo on the forehead. Pato, on the other hand, took Pirlo’s free kick in a spoof and made the action of shoeshine for him. 80,000 Milan fans frantically shouted the name of their goal hero. The atmosphere at the scene reached its climax. The fat face of coach Ancelotti also showed a long-lost smile.
In the 40th minute of the first half, Andrea Pirlo rewrote the score to 1-1 with his signature free kick.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine-Naples counterattack trio
Erluo’s "elevator free kick" is like giving AC Milan a shot. "jankulovski, who tasted the sweetness as soon as he was strong, came up frequently to assist like a drug. However, he was on guard. He was never given any chance again. Last time he was caught off guard by the Czechs. After being equalized by Milan, Naples did not have any big panic, and their defensive formation remained good. The last few minutes of the first half were also safely spent with their efforts.
During the intermission, two Italian national TV commentators also made a half-time summary and exchanged their views on the performance of the two teams in the first half.
"I have to say that it was a wonderful first half, although Milan didn’t play its own style and characteristics in the first half. Only with Pirlo’s wonderful free kick did they even the score. But because of the perfect cooperation of Neapolitans, the two teams jointly performed the first half of this "blockbuster" wonderfully. One-to-one is not a score that makes all the fans scream, but if we look at the quality of these two goals, we will feel that glad you came. This also makes us look forward to the second half of the game. In the first half of this game, there are two people in Milan who will feel extremely depressed, that is Kaka and Ronaldinho. Although two people occasionally have flashes of light, most of the time, they are helpless with one person. That’s Napoli’s Domenica. It’s hard to imagine a 21-year-old or a young man from China playing football so calmly in the San Siro with 80,000 people. It’s very valuable for ordinary people not to be weak in front of so many people, so let alone calm down. But Domenica did it. Clean steals, elegant ball control. Pass the ball accurately We can see many masters in him, such as Lei Dongduo, Costa and Rijkaard. God! ! ! ! ! This is just what he said and showed in the position of the lower back. If you have seen his performance in the front waist position, you will surely find that he is as elegant as Baggio and as delicate as Diego Maradona. Walking around like Zidane. "mazzola said here paused,Because he found his partner looking at himself with strange eyes.
"What’s the problem? Mr. David Luo? " Mazzola jokingly asked his partner.
"Ryder (mazzola), I suspect that you have received money from Dominica, or you can’t put in a good word for him like this. Or maybe there is something wrong with your sexual orientation, and you "have a crush" on Domonica. " David Luo is a famous "poison tongue" of Italian national television, and mazzola has been teased by him a lot, so he won’t be angry when he hears about it.
"no! ! No! ! No. I’m just being realistic. Haven’t you seen some video clips of Domenica’s home game? I can say without hesitation that Domenica’s performance in the front waist position is definitely the same as that of Ronaldinho. Of course, it is definitely not Kaka and Ronaldinho in the first half today. " Mazzola argued.
"I’ll have a look, Ryder. But I also admit. In the first half of this game, Dominica’s performance in the back position can really be described as dazzling. As a Kaka fan, I haven’t seen our Milan prince so depressed for a long time. But I believe that our Kaka will wake up in the second half, and then your Domenica will know the power of our Kaka. Call your "dream lover" Domonica and tell him to be on his guard. "David Luo helped the headset a little crooked and teased millions of viewers in the live studio without scruple. No fans in front of the TV will criticize them for not being serious. Because such a laughing and cursing way of explanation is exactly their style. The audience is also attracted by their interpretation style.
The fifteen minutes of halftime passed unconsciously in the teasing of the two men, and the second half of the game began.
There has been no change in the lineups of the two sides, which means that the coaches of both sides think that the way they played in the first half is correct.
At the beginning of the second half, Milan was still attacking slowly, and Napoli, under the leadership of Domenica, also made the defense watertight. This game is like a competition between two peerless masters. They are looking for each other’s weaknesses and dead holes in their dancing.