There are still several people who are trying to make friends with each other.
Yinjing thinks it’s interesting.
Before they tried, they said behind his back that he was mentally ill, but now he wants to learn from him how to forge protective devices.
Are they really not amused?
Besides, Yin Jing has cultivated a better method. In his heart, he is unwilling to give this method to others.
Chapter 63 Follow experience
Han xiumo is profound.
Before going to find Duan Xiu to do me a favor and go to the front, Yunmingyuan thought about it or taught Yinjing the method of refining bags first.
Although I don’t intend to accept the apprentice of Yinjing, this person’s level and understanding are good, and more importantly, his mind is acceptable.
Teaching Yinjing the method of bag refining is mainly to better collect zerg bodies.
Since there are all zerg bodies, there can be no waves
It’s better to put these bodies away. Although there are not many refiners and alchemists in Yunlaihai, it is not necessary to have refiners and psychiatrists in Yunlaihai to deal with zerg bodies.
It’s not impossible to send things out.
Of course, it’s not that far now.
Yunmingyuan also taught Yinjing the method of refining bags.
Yin Jing was flattered.
However, after thinking about the style of Yunmingyuan’s work, Yin Jing wanted to think, but also taught other monks who practiced the art method given by Yunmingyuan.
He went to the front with the Indian brothers.
At that time, there was a psychiatrist to follow.
Psychiatrists all look weak, and their physical quality is much worse than that of refiners all the year round.
But when their small bodies were on the battlefield, they burst out with great energy, which shocked Yinjing again.
If Jian Xiu killed the enemy at the front, maybe Yin Jing wouldn’t feel anything.
However, mixed with the spiritual doctors dressed in snow and white, I can’t help but wonder if it is possible that their refiners can also make the same contribution to the zerg’s protection of Yunlaihai.
And bag doubt is a good thing.
Every time from the battlefield, it is difficult to bring back a large number of zerg bodies.
If they have bags, they can get more zerg bodies and naturally forge more protective devices …
Their refining division is actually guarding the safety of Jian Xiu soldiers.
Thought of here, I originally wanted to learn to print the scenery by myself or teach the method to others.
Nowadays, Yunlaihai needs everyone’s heart to resist the zerg attack.
While doing these things in the printing scene, Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo have followed Duan Xiu’s team to the front line.
There are a large number of zerg in Yunlaihai, and most of them are distributed in the islands in Yunlaihai.
Yun Mingyuan followed this time mainly to put the drawn map 73 into Yunlaihai Island.
He has a premonition that there are still many undeveloped treasures in Yunlai sea area.
Especially in that island occupied by zerg.
He wants to let 73 explore the road first, and maybe he can find a lot of good things in it.
We’ll find a way to get it then
"There’s Hayabusa Island ahead."
Duan Xiuyin is deep in everyone’s ears when flying with the Royal Sword.
And YunMingyuan and Han Xiumo followed them together in a flying boat.
This flying boat is the resident friar before Yunmingyuan. Many Lingshi exchanged Yunmingyuan for this flying boat, and several refiners are trying to forge such a flying boat.
This flying boat has also become a guarantee for the spiritual doctors to set out against the Zerg together with the swordsmen.
It is very safe that even the zerg can’t attack in the flying boat.
The tired psychiatrists can rest and be injured in the flying boat, and they can also be treated when they are sent to the flying boat
With these psychiatrists joining us, there are many more brothers to fight against the Zerg Sword Repairers now.
Hayabusa Island is the target of their exploration this time.
Zerg are very rapid in reproduction and expansion. They used to live in the largest island in the middle of Yunlai Sea, but now they are expanding towards the beach. The distance between Mosheng Island and the coast is less than three miles.
Sooner or later, these zerg will land on the beach.
By that time …
Another fierce battle.