"Grandma, who dares to touch our loved ones!"
"Teach him a lesson!"
"Oh, you bastards, we are working hard over there, but you bully our relatives."
The villagers were pale, but I didn’t expect the unparalleled army to fall.
JiFan is burning with anger, so is Lu Xun.
The unparalleled army looked at the farmer’s old man on the ground and shouted, "Is that you?"
Li Gui roared: "That’s him. I ate flies in his shop, and he didn’t want to lose money."
The man shook his head and said, "that’s all, I’ll give you the money!" I will give it! !”
A man dressed in a blue robe of Shu brocade scribes, holding a sword and a whip in his left hand, roared, "When will I allow you to oppress the people like this? Do I let you eat meat every day to bully your neighbors? "
One of the warriors said indignantly, "My Lord, it is clear that there are flies in his crops and he should lose money."
Lu Xun lashed down without mercy and roared, "Have you seen flies in such a cold weather? It’s clearly that this person is a relative of an unparalleled army who does evil on weekdays. I saw it clearly just now. It’s clearly that he doesn’t give money when he eats on weekdays. Today, he also got a dead fly in his rice and tried to blackmail this person. You, as my unparalleled military headquarters, have acted for the tiger and acted without authorization! Master! Please also ask your master to impose a heavy penalty. " The last sentence is obviously said to JiFan after the crowd.
Village head?
Li Gui froze!
The unparalleled army stayed!
Watching the people stay!
Ji Fan walked out of the crowd with a straight face, looked at Li Gui and Wushuang Army and said, "Bo Yan is in charge, I’m tired."
One person in the unparalleled army looked indignant with his head down and his mood changed gradually.
Lu Xun ordered: "Confiscate all the property of this person, confiscate the property, and work for this boss for one year to pay off the debt. Everyone in the unparalleled army was trained twice and the meat was cancelled for one year. "
Li Gui was pale on the spot and quickly prayed: "I can repay all the debts I owe, and ask my adults to be lenient."
The unparalleled army is full of this annoyance, unwillingness and indignation. One of them is even more resentful.
Lu Xun a kick, as cold as ice turned to leave.
It wasn’t long before the incident was released, and all the relatives of the unparalleled army were warned to pay attention to it. JiFan returned home, closed the door with a heavy heart, sat on the bed, and leaned up at two points behind her, hugging JiFan tightly.
Ji Fan said weakly, "Stop messing around with Liu Ying, it’s so tiring today!"
A soft and sweet voice said, "Husband, are you tired today?"
JiFan reflexively jumped up, broke free from the lotus root arm, looked behind him, and asked with a surprised face, "Zhen Fu? Why are you here! "
Zhen Fu faint smile immediately turned into injustice, looking at JiFan: "I am your wife! I am not here, where is it! "
Ji Fan looked around and asked, "Where’s Liu Ying?"
Zhen Fu asked unjustly, "Does my husband dislike me so much? Sister Liu Ying. . . There he is. " Sandy jade hand pointing to the bathroom.
"Hey ~ ~ ~!"
The door opened and Liu Ying came out naked with a blush on her face.
Ji Fan left a nosebleed on the spot, swallowed hard and said, "What do you want?" There was a tremor in her voice this time. Is it going to be pushed back today?
Zhen Fu climbed up the body of Ji Fan again, with her feet tightly around Ji Fan’s waist. There was a hint of temptation in Lori’s temperament and she asked, "What do you think we want to do?"
Chapter 15. Spring scenery and life and death
It’s quite important that Ji Fan is not Liu Xiahui!
It’s a bit wasteful not to do something with such an attractive posture and such an attractive scene. 、
But now JiFan gray often serious like a thing!
What the hell is this Zhen Fu doing?
Zhen Ji’s lotus arm flicked lightly, emitting a burst of attractive fragrance, fiercely igniting the flame deep in Jifan, taking off Jifan’s clothes, giving a charming wink and saying to Liu Ying, "Sister Liu Ying, come here! Do as I say. "
JiFan gave a shiver, "what are you doing! You’re forcing another crime, okay? You are wrong! Aunt Zhen Fu, let me go! "
Zhen Fu’s beautiful eyes are full of smiles. Obviously, JiFan’s behavior is very funny to him.
JiFan see Zhen Fu attitude is very firm, so we have to turn to constantly leaned Liu Ying said: "Ying son, I know, you are the most lovely. Don’t listen to his nonsense, you can’t believe what you say! We can discuss it. You know, my mother’s ideas are quite conservative. You know! "
Zhen Fu immediately erected a two-character hand.
Liu Ying shy nodded obediently walked to come over, step down JiFan pants.
But at this moment, a man outside shouted, "Brother! Come out for a drink! Ah! Come out to eat meat! No more? I went in! "
Zhen Fu immediately showed a look of hate to tooth itch, the in the mind can’t wait to run out and tear that wretched fat man!
Liu Ying, like a rabbit, hid in the quilt and dared not come out. My heart is thumping, thinking, "I’m ashamed!" Throw people to death! "
JiFan couldn’t wait to go out and hug the fat man’s face at the moment. Thank you so much! At the critical moment, you are still a stranger. You are the most considerate!