His pressure is enormous!
He needs to vent!
Rushed into this room, this room is the rest place for the dancers, very spacious, plus the body fragrance of the dancers.
Yu Lin shut the door, pulled up a dancer to tear her clothes, and "dew" showed two white jade rabbits shaking constantly.
Yu Lin didn’t stop. . .
Tear it all the way to the end. . .
The famous dancer Ji Meng, bewildered, so completely naked. Body violence "dew" in Yu Lin’s eyes.
Yu Lin rushed up and fell to the ground, wearing a heavy breath and began to move.
Lin Yu wants to vent! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Give vent hard! ! ! !
. . . . . .
Near noon on the third day, Wang Shang led twenty thousand foot soldiers to the gate of Puyang. Looking at this famous city, Wang Shang smiled heartily.
Wang Shang looked at the people huddled in a mess at the door and frowned.
After Wang Shang heard about Yanzhou more than ten days ago, he decided to personally lead thirty thousand foot soldiers to Puyang.
He expected that Liu Chang would think he was coming to the rescue, so he didn’t hide his whereabouts, but roared past aboveboard and went straight to Puyang.
Wang Shang looked at Puyang City and said to the generals around him, "I dare to know that I will meet you in Kaicheng as soon as I get to the gate. Are you credible? "
The generals rolled their eyes in their hearts and said to themselves, "Who doesn’t know? You’re just bragging here, aren’t you just using the status of reinforcements?" Cut. "
But on the surface, he said with a flattering smile, "Your Majesty is wise!"
"Your majesty is worthy of being the real dragon emperor, and he can actually budget."
"Your Majesty has a clever plan. This battle will definitely allow Ji Fan’s children to yield to Rowen and hand over the land of Hebei."
"Your majesty’s great power, can such a small town stop your majesty?"
"Your majesty. . 。”
“。 . . . . 。”
A series of horses gave Wang Shang a shudder at the cool shot, and then rode forward.
Posed a pose that was quite brave in his eyes. . .
Wang Shang coughed mysteriously twice and cleared his throat. . .
Step forward slowly. . .
He was in Puyang last time, and most of these city guards knew him. He stepped forward. . .
Then the defenders on the wall will definitely shout, "The emperor is coming, so open the gate quickly. . 。” At such a time.
Wang Shang waited for half a ring, but there was no sound at all. . .
Wang Shang is depressed and angry. . .
Does this city have a bad eye? Why haven’t you recognized me for a long time? Wang Shang cursed in his heart.
Wang Shang had no choice but to take two steps forward again. . .
There was still no sound after half a ring.
Little did he know that his ministers were looking at the wall with a very strange look.
It may be that Wang Shang’s face was lifted too high, and Wang Shang shook his head at once and suddenly froze. . .
Darling, long hole! ! ! ! ! !
Sending out the cold light of the arrow feather neatly densely on the wall, a captain looked Wang Shang with a sneer.
Wang Shang was a little confused, and with an innocent expression, he asked weakly, "I am the emperor of Dazhong, why don’t you open the door?"
His department will faint in unison.
There is something wrong with this man’s IQ in Nima. Anyone with a discerning eye can see at a glance that the other party must know their purpose.